The Components of a Computer – What are they?

The components of a computer

I was wondering today, even though I wrote about a lot of PC / computer stuff on this blog, how come I didn’t write a general description of a computer’s components. Or about computer parts as they say among the people.

In short, how much you can identify each piece in your system. So, this is the article about the basic components of a PC.

The components of a computer are: motherboard, processor, RAM, video card, audio card, storage unit (HDD or SSD), optical drive (DVD-RW), source and housing.

Obviously, there are a lot of other expansion boards besides.

We discuss them briefly below, in the form of a question and answer, so that you can quickly find out everything you want to know about a computer / pc. However, this is a basic guide, I won’t go into detail. (I promise!)

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What are the components of a computer?

The basic components of a PC are: motherboard, processor, RAM, video card, audio card, storage unit (HDD or SSD), optical drive (DVD-RW), source and housing.

What other components can a computer have?

Depending on your needs, some systems may have capture cards, dedicated network cards, expansion cards for additional SATA or USB ports, and more. These are usually inserted into the PCIe slots on the motherboard.

What is a motherboard?

A motherboard is actually a printed circuit board that is the foundation of any computer. It allocates power and allows communication between computer components so that they deliver the data and answers you need.

What is a processor?

The processor or CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of the computer. He handles most of the ‘calculations’. And by calculations we mean the processing of data, commands and instructions. It is a key component, which is used in any activity we do on the computer.

What is RAM?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. It is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly – that is, any stored byte can be accessed without touching the other stored bytes. It’s a volatile memory – that means it can’t store data permanently, or at least not without power.

The best known type of RAM is DDR RAM.

Most modern devices have RAM: PCs, laptops, smartphones, servers, printers, routers and more.

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What is a video card?

It is the device responsible for displaying information on your monitor, and for processing graphical data.

These are of two types: integrated or dedicated. The integrated ones are distinguished by the fact that they do not have their own RAM memory, but use the main memory of the system to do their job.

For gamers or those working in 3D graphics and modeling, a dedicated video card is required, this being much more efficient.

What is a sound card?

The audio card is the device responsible for playing and processing sound. With the help of speakers or headphones, she is responsible for the sound you hear.

Modern audio cards are of 3 types: integrated, dedicated and external.

Modern motherboards have an integrated audio card, so you no longer need to buy a separate one. The new models have quite high-performance faces.

Cheap external audio cards are usually a compromise measure and expensive or dedicated external audio cards (which are inserted in the motherboard) are usually for audiophiles and the most demanding.

What is a storage unit?

Usually SSD (Solid State Drive) or HDD (Hard Disk Drive), is the device on which your data is permanently stored. Or until you delete them.

SSDs are always the best choice, being very fast versus a traditional HDD.

What is the optical drive?

Known as DVD Writer or CD Writer, it is a drive that allows you to burn data to a CD / DVD.

We don’t see such units much nowadays, these being technically outdated. The modern alternative is the USB stick. For modest prices, you can have a 16GB USB stick, which can be easily rewritten and is faster.

What is the source?

The source is the component that supplies power to the system. It draws the system’s power from the outlet. The best sources are the certified 80 PLUS GOLD.

What is the case?

It is actually the ‘box’ in which the components are safe. It has both the role of protecting them and helping to cool them. Through a good air circulation, with the help of some housing fans, the cold air is drawn into the housing and the hot air is evacuated – the whole phenomenon is called airflow.

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