The car market in Italy 2022, September closes positively: + 5.4%

The Registration data for September 2022 They arrived a few days late due to a technical problem in the portal for collecting and managing registration applications submitted by licensees to the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility.

Finally, we have a picture of the direction of the Italian car market last month. So September 2022 ended with with a growth rate of 5.4% Compared to the same period in 2021. Therefore, September confirms the recovery that began in August (+9.9%).

In general, they were registered in the last month 110,976 cars vs 105,318 units September 2021. However, although September was also a positive month for the Italian car market, it is not enough to recover the losses accumulated during 2022. Therefore, in the first nine months of the year, 976,055 units were recorded, a decrease of 16.3% in 2021 (about 190,000 cars less).

Speaking about the recent publication in the Official Gazette about the corrections made to the incentive structure that also allows leasing companies to access financial contributions, he highlights the emergence of a highly restrictive interpretation of this provision, according to which funds for leasing will appear. Not other than those previously earmarked for car-sharing, and yet largely unused, which nonetheless amounts to only €20 million, only 5% of the total for the channel that normally accommodates 20% of the volumes of cars benefiting from the stimulus.

to about, Michelle Creasythe head of the United Nations, commented:

This interpretation greatly undermines the scope of the judgment and does not at all correspond to the expectations of the sector, leaving the problem of the full use of funds completely unresolved. I hope that an effective solution will be found as soon as possible, also in an explanatory manner, allowing for a broad and complete operation of the sector, and the ability to draw on funds earmarked for promoting the spread of low-emission vehicles.

Going back to the September 2022 data, On the user interface, there is a decrease in individual registrations, as it decreased to 59.1%. Self-registrations also fell 8.2%. Long-term rent is very good, accounting for 23.5% of registrations for the month. Short-term rental volumes are also increasing, which, however, stop at 2.3%. Companies rise to 6.5% share in September.

Access to feed data, not only petrol models (27.2% share) but also diesel models (19.3% share) are increasing. Slight contraction of LPG which accounts for 8.7% of the market. On the other hand, CNG vehicles account for only 0.6% of the market. Despite the incentives, 4% electric cars confirmed the second-worst share since February 2021. With 100% electric cars, they hit 4.5%.

HEV hybrids are on the rise, reaching 35.7% of the total, with 9.1% for “full” hybrids and 26.6% for “light” hybrids. Commenting on the September data, Chrissy says:

The sharp decline in the share of plug-in electric vehicles fell to 4% in September (the second lowest level of the year), and the flattening of the share of pure electric vehicles to 4.5% (down by nearly 8% in September 2021), is evident. A reference to the eventual exhaustion of the impact of the 2021 stimulus and the fact that the 2022 stimulus has not yet been fully operational yet 3-4 months after the platform was activated.

As for the car kitsStellantis ended September with a growth of 7.29%. The Volkswagen Group did very well, advancing 16.19%. On the other hand, the Renault group fell sharply by -23.74%.

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