The attack in Kyiv, also involved the construction of Samsung R&D | official speech

L ‘Samsung R&D Department Existing since 2009 in Ukraine It could have been touch it or hit itit appears from some pictures, from one of the The missiles that hit Kyiv in the early hours of the day. The condition is a must, because in these first hours we are trying to reconstruct what happened, it is not easy to get to certain information, but they are talking about it in different ways and from some checks it seems that at least one of the four and the explosions that the local newspapers have reported Near the research and development center of the Korean company, and possibly hit him.

Waiting for further comments about the subtle dynamics of the explosions, the first images clearly show one a cloud of debris wrap the Samsung Research and Development Institute in the UK Rain, And the There seems to be some damage Also huge is the structure that houses the offices of Seoul, among others, DTEK, one of the largest Ukrainian energy companies. It is likely that there will be wounded inside the tower, it will be necessary to do a damage calculation in the hope that no one will lose their lives.

A Samsung spokesman confirmed that no employees were injured and that the explosion occurred about 150 meters from the building. Damage to the facade was caused by the explosion, but the building was not directly attacked.

We can confirm that none of our employees were injured. Some office windows were damaged by the blast 150 meters away. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees and will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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