The Apple-1, $40,000 Replica Evidence Was: Apology and Refund from Auction House

It’s been over six months since the rich client was awarded an award auction 40000 $42,660 for what should have been an original Apple-1 manual. But it was a replica. Rolling the tape is simple, because before the batter hammer blocked the winning bid As we wrote about it: RR Auction, perhaps the most prolific auction house when Apple participates, has suggested the group Steve Jobs Revolution. The numerous souvenirs have unnecessarily attracted the attention of the international press, among them too who – which Apple-1 guide.

the object comes Sold at a standard price: Usually the brochures are in good working order 10 or 15 thousand dollarsauction, in better conditions, disappears 4 times the price Average Sale. Armin Hierstetter, a fan of Apple-1 who has done extensive studies of time brochures to recreate them, found himself last week by chance browsing through photos of that auction: he had already seen them while accepting bids, but this time he looked at them very cautiously, Noting several details that conflicted with the original manuals.

“I had no doubts that someone paid $42,660 for a reprint”Hierstetter wrote on his blog. “I checked and double-checked what I thought had happened, then wrote to Bobby Livingston, RR Auction’s Executive Vice President of Public Relations, to I share what I found And ask him some questions.. So the auction house checked the story and came up with a Hierstetter conclusion 48 hours later.

RR Auction takes issues related to the authenticity of items very seriously. […] We agree with you that this is a replica. […] We contacted the buyer to show him a full refundHe still asks us to keep the replica for a few thousand dollars because he loves it. […] After further review, and with more thanks, we agree with you to print the annotation. We will make sure that it does not happen again.

In short: the accuracy of the enthusiast, the seriousness of the auction house and the understanding of the buyer mean that the story can still have its own character. Happy ending.

iPhone 2G up for auction: Someone wants to try investing?

Speaking of auctions, in the past few days, one has started to close with numbers close to those in the Apple-1 guide above. It is located around a Rare example of 8GB iPhone 2G – predecessor – Still packed. If you follow us frequently, you will know that some of them end up in auction on a periodic basis. The last one was specifically beaten RR . Auction in August for more than double the pre-auction estimate: $35,414.

The Apple-1 created by Steve Jobs is up for auction, and records are expected!

July 22

Wozniak's Apple-1 sold at auction on eBay for over $340,000

June 14

Nintendo Wii, gold made entirely for Queen Elizabeth

May 06


May 31

It is now the auction house LCG Auctions To suggest a matching sample: 8 GB of storage (the primary variant was 4), Packaging is still wrapped in factory filmespecially Belong to the first stock of iPhone out of the factories. The model in question, like the one from RR Auction, has an iPhone 2G with 12 icons On the main screen, while the units marketed at the end of 2017, had the thirteenth icon, the iTunes icon. Owning a first-generation iPhone and one of the first phones ever produced has an even greater advantage in collecting.

The winner will be out in the auction The time is 11:59 pm Italian on Sunday 16 October, the moment he goes to the highest bidder. As of this writing, we are over $10,000 from $2,500. If you want to try investing In short, for a few tens of thousands of dollars, there is no shortage of time, the link is the link Street: However, if necessary, remember to never open itOtherwise, the value will collapse. If you think you can’t resist the temptation, you’d better give it up. Or at least tell yourself that.

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