The App Store is spying on customers on tour: a new pill for Apple

could It costs Apple a lotAnd not just from an economic point of view Privacy violation Discovered by developer and security researcher Tommy Misk. Basically, the researcher found that if you refuse to share your analytics data with Apple, your Apple ID will be fine Torrent of information for Cupertino servers It doesn’t stop. We are not talking about data for personalizing ads or information of this kind, but about other, more confidential data.

In fact, Apple has been spying on the user on the run during the “rounds” on the App Store at least since iOS 14.6, the version that Mysk used to be sure of what we’re telling you (we’re on 16.1.1). In short, Your iPhone monitors and tracks everything you do and sends the report to Apple: How you access a specific app, which ads you see, and even the seconds or minutes you spend on the screen.

The risk of discrediting, as well as losing money

Everything is sent to the servers Complete with an ID code that uniquely identifies the user, an important detail because it allows Apple to reconstruct a complete and accurate picture of the customer. The researcher noted that The number of information and their level of detail remains unchanged Depending on permission to use data or personalized ads. The iPhone sends it anyway and it’s always the same, in short.

Needless to say Apple keeps the privilege to itself: The Developer Guidelines expressly prohibit practices then adopted by Apple. Mysk made the video here where it documents reports made by the smartphone and then transmits them to Apple servers to create a user profile. The App Store wouldn’t be the only Apple app to use this method of working, which is a little bit transparent. So far Cupertino It also risks losing the trust of its usersone of the most valuable assets since many efforts have been made over the years to get the message across that iPhone is the best choice for those who value their privacy.

So some angry users in the US picked one up working class which Apple is accused of violating California Privacy Invasion Act (CIPA): “Apple’s privacy guarantees are completely bogus”, We read, those ads with which the Boomerang logo invaded us “Privacy. This is an iPhone.”complete with data from Tim Cook who select Privacy a “a basic human right”. In addition to trust and reputation, Apple also risks seeing a lot of money go away.

It’s not clear how to disable analytics sharing with Apple, Misk said. There are personalized ads, personalized recommendations, and iPhone analytics sharing. Turning off all of these options is not easy. Once we disabled all of them, we did not notice any changes in the amount or details of the data sent to Apple.

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