Tesla Supercharger, variable prices arrive in Europe based on time of day

Tesla He once again changed the tariff policies of Superchargers in Europe, introducing a novelty that had been in the American market for some time, namely Variable rates based on time of day. Yesterday, customers of the American automaker received an email, the text of which appears below.

Tesla’s charging network in Europe has just passed 10,000 superchargers, more to be added soon. As we expand, we also strive to offer more affordable shipping options. Starting October 11th, we’re offering a one-night discount at select shipping points, with more to be added in the coming weeks. If you recharge during peak hours, you can enjoy a lower rate with less stress on the local power grid.

Therefore, in all European countries Tesla will also apply a flexible charge for recharging in Superchargers (at least part of it since we are talking about specific recharge points) based on time. By encouraging customers to use the terminals at the most convenient time from an economic point of view, Tesla Optimize the use of the superchargerwhich reduces the risk of any reload queues.

At the same time, thanks to the less use of recharging points during peak hours, the stress on the electricity grid will be reduced. On the other hand, Tesla customers will be able to take advantage of a small discount on charging which is certainly welcome given that the car manufacturer recently raised charging rates at its Supercharger stations in Europe.

Over the next few months, we’ll see if Tesla customers will appreciate this novelty, and whether the car manufacturer will actually be able to improve the use of Supercharger stations in Europe. Unfortunately, for now, it doesn’t seem like Tesla wants to satisfy customers who are increasingly demanding to offer subscription packages to recharge. Packages that would make energy supplies affordable at a time when energy costs continue to rise.

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