Tesla Semi, production of the electric truck began. The first Pepsi unit

Tesla Semi Electric Truck Introduced by Elon Musk in “The Distant” 2017, Finally got into production. To deliver this important news, Elon Musk through a message on his Twitter account. The first company to receive the electric truck It will be Pepsi. In addition, deliveries will begin on the 1st of December. And in a second message, the number one in the American company confirmed that the electric truck would be able to rely on it range of 500 mileswhich is about 805 km.

It took us, as we know, a long time to finally reach the start of production of this electric model. Elon Musk has, several times, had to delay the start of construction for the Tesla Semi. Moreover, until recently, it seemed that production would have to wait until 2023. However, around mid-August, Elon Musk was surprised to say that deliveries would begin by the end of the year.

The promise was fulfilled because the construction of the electric truck has begun and deliveries will begin before the end of 2022. Surely this is good news indicating that the American manufacturer has managed to solve some of the difficulties that caused the car to be delayed several times. The debut of the electric truck. The problems are mostly related to known difficulties in supplying components.

It was no surprise that Pepsi was the first customer to receive a Tesla Semi. This company had placed a large order for 100 electric trucks. Also, in the past few months, we’ve seen this at one of its California facilities Some Megachargers are already installedthat is, specific versions of the classic superchargers designed to recharge electric trucks with very high power.

The next arrival on the Tesla Semi Road may be an opportunity to discover more technical details about these electric trucks with which Elon Musk aims to revolutionize the transportation sector. It will also be important to know the electric truck’s production rate to understand how long it will take Tesla to meet all of the backlog. Finally, remember that the electric truck must also be offered in a version with a range of 300 miles (480 km).

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