Tesla is working on the new platform for its “small” electric car

Elon Musk He came back to talk about many times we talked about a new electric model that will position itself under the Tesla Model 3. However, as we know, this project has been put aside temporarily as the car manufacturer should focus first on launching other models such as the Tesla Semi and Cybertruck Pickup. However, when talking about economic data for the last quarter of the year, Tesla’s number one made it clear that technicians are already working On developing a new platform which will be smaller than those used in the Model 3/Y which, above all, It will cost half.

Obviously, a cheaper platform will allow cars to be proposed that will be manufactured at a lower price than the current model 3/Y. In this regard, we recall that when Musk first spoke of a “smaller” Tesla, he confirmed that its starting price would soon be About 25 thousand dollars. Regardless of past announcements, what the Tesla CEO has said now indicates that the manufacturer has begun laying the foundations for this new electric vehicle.

To develop the new platform, Tesla will build on what has been learned so far with its models. This model is unlikely to actually start at $25,000, after all we know Musk’s forecast should be taken with caution. However, there may be a cheaper model than the current model 3/Ys Significantly expand the customer segment for the American auto industry.

There will definitely be a way to find out more because the debut is still a long way off. It is expected, in fact, to be in 2025. Moreover, the American automaker will not only first have to bring the Tesla Semi on the road (deliveries will begin in December), the new Cybertruck and Roadster, but will also bring its full production capacity.

All that remains is to wait for new information about the “small” Tesla.

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