Telegram with paywall: Apple threatens ban, platform backs down

The “trial” of paid content on Telegram may have already come to an end. Angry man means it Pavel Durovwhich advertises on its own platform about Retirement Jobs on iOS In this Not compatible with the App Store Terms and Conditions. The story is always the same: Apple wants all payments to go through the Store, so from block 30% in the form of commissions.

Telegram tested a system for posting posts from To open When you pay a certain amount (in practice, if you want to read the message, you have to pay X EUR which is charged to the credit card saved earlier). Then the social network determined it It wasn’t a matter of actual exams of paid content, instead ofUsed by some automated payment software authors A third party to add paywall to posts. Tested or not, I got the first warnings from Cupertino that go something like this: Or collect posts immediately by direct payment, or the application will be banned from the App Store.

Dorov’s comment

Pavel Durov explained how paid content allowed authors to monetize instantly and receive “approx100% of what subscribers paid:

Unfortunately, we received notice from Apple that they did not agree to content authors monetizing their efforts without paying Apple a 30% fee. Since Apple has complete control over its ecosystem, we had no alternative but to disable paid shares on iOS devices.

apple attack

Here the attack begins: Apple’s monopoly dominates the market, who pay for it are millions of users who want to monetize their work. Durov hopes that institutions will move in this direction, to “Take action before Apple destroys more dreams and crushes more entrepreneurs with a tax higher than any government value-added tax.“.

No explicit mention of Android: the CEO just says that the platform “It will provide creators with powerful and simple tools to monetize their content outside of Apple’s narrow ecosystemβ€œIt remains to be seen what Google’s position on this novelty will be.

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