Suunto 9 Peak Pro official: the new best sports watch of its kind

Suunto 9 Pick Pro Official: This is the new top of the range of the Finnish sports watch manufacturer, a step above the previous 9 Peak launched in 2021. The news is diverse: in particular, a faster processor and a larger battery are distinguished, ensuring an autonomy of more than a week with Active GPS tracking and fitness. On the aesthetic level, the differences with previous models are less obvious: the watch is 100% Suunto, with its simple, clean appearance but instantly recognizable. The SpO2 heart rate sensor also remains unchanged.

More specifically, the new battery promises:

  • Up to 300 hours of GPS tracking in tour mode
  • Up to 70 hours of GPS tracking in endurance mode
  • Up to 40 hours of GPS tracking in performance mode
  • Up to 21 days of autonomy without active GPS (but with active fitness tracking)

Suunto has updated the watch widget with Multiple white itemsFor greater visibility during training and in general an immediate improvement in use. Still on the software side, it’s worth noting that the official Suunto app is now available for iPad and Android tablets; From this it is possible to create roads and paths to follow on foot or by bicycle, for example.

Suunto has put a lot of emphasis on sustainability With his new watch: the 9 Peak Pro is produced directly in Finland and powered by only renewable sources. Furthermore, the entire production cycle of the watch is carbon-neutral thanks to the purchase of VCUs (Certified Carbon Units). The company says that during its entire life cycle, the Suunto 9 Peak Pro generates just 7.5 kg of CO2, equivalent to a 44 km trip in a fossil-fueled car. Some technical specifications:

  • 1.2 inch screen
  • Thickness 10.8 mm
  • Weight 55g (titanium variant) or 64g (steel variant)
  • MIL-STD-810H certified
  • fully charge the battery in one hour; Up to 10 hours of training in just 10 minutes
  • Water resistant and suitable for diving to 100 metres
  • The dial is covered with a sapphire crystal
  • 97 sports modes

The Suunto 9 Peak Pro is available for pre-order from today; In-store/online deliveries and sales will begin on October 25th. Prices are as follows:

  • Stainless steel body: from €499
  • Grade 5 titanium case: from 629 EUR

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