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In May, the epidemic that hobbled Shanghai and its factories, now had unspecified problems. In reality, however, the adventure Pro version of Studio Display He does not seem particularly lucky, because for one reason or another Apple will have to postpone the project of the constantly outstanding projector from 27 inches with mini LED technology.

Several months ago, analyst Ross Young warned observers and enthusiasts that Studio Display Pro would not arrive in June, contrary to Apple’s initial intentions, but in October. Now that we’re here in October, it’s the same analyst who takes a virtual microphone to announce to his people. Distinguished Followers a new delay. Debut will be postponed to early 2023, to the first quarter of next year.

“I heard that the launch of Apple’s small LED display has been postponed to Q1 ’23”And the Written without specifying the cause or source. However, Young is one of the most trusted voices in terms of displays – he is also the CEO of DSCC, Supply Chain Consultants Offer His reading is taken into consideration. In May he said that because of the strategy zero covid In China, which often forced factories to close suddenly, the company authorized by Apple to implement the show, Quanta Computer, decided to move production elsewhere, so the delay was due to the adaptation of the production chain.

Rumors in the past describe the Studio Display Pro as the successor to the Pro Display XDR, as it will have twice the number of zones and seven times the number of LEDs. Mini LED backlight will allow technology to be introduced Upgrade functional With a variable refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

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