Stop the endothermic, because Oliver Zipsy cars can only be for the rich

After Carlos Tavares too Oliver ZipsCEO of BMW and President of ACEA, raised the alarm about the risks that could lead to a halt in sales of new heat-sucking cars,buy cars can become Only for the rich. In fact, after setting a date for the phasing out of gasoline and diesel vehicles can happen Make accessible cars disappear from the market.

Zipse said in an interview, that BMW has not set a date for the end of production of internal combustion cars. In addition, he warned against selling them.

We don’t want cars to be taken away from the base class, politically speaking, this is very dangerous. If you suddenly make a car only for the rich, you only do damage.

In short, BMW Number One does not look favorably on the “removal” target of the European Commission and those of various US states, such as California. The German manufacturer is pursuing a very ambitious electrification programme, but fears that in addition to social problems, setting a deadline for ending sales of internal combustion models may also cause people to continue to drive their old cars.

BMW does not want this scenario to appear. and for this Will continue to offer endothermic models as well, for as long as possible, to offer a wide range of options without restrictions. Zipse also added that there are no global signs that the combustion engine will become obsolete in the next 15 years.

As a politician I would be very careful…because you take cars away by regulation.

However, as noted in the past, BMW will be ready to offer zero-emissions cars only when needed. It will be able to do so thanks to an ever-growing range of electric vehicles. The range to be enriched during 2023 with other new models such as the BMW i5.

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