Stellants, Tavares: 12 electric cars will be produced in France by 2024

Stellantis has an ambitious electrification plan as we all know. At the Paris Motor Show 2022Carlos Tavares wanted to highlight The growing importance of France within this plan. The number one car group confirmed that it will be produced in France A total of 12 Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in five factories by 2024A production capacity of one million cars. In addition, the main electrical components (electric motors, gearboxes and electronic batteries) will be produced at seven sites in France using French technologies.

Tavares then specified that the new electric Peugeot 308 (also a station wagon version) and Peugeot e-408 would be produced at the Mulhouse plant.

The plan that obviously got approved French President Macron Which, meanwhile, announced that France would increase incentives for electric vehicles for low-income families to 7,000 euros from the previous 6,000 euros.

At the Paris Motor Show, Stellantis also reported how production of electric cars (also Plug-in) within factories in France was organized.

in Mulhouse The future 100% electric Peugeot 308 and 308 SW and the Peugeot 408 electric car will be produced alongside the new DS 7 and the Peugeot 508, 308 and 408 Plug-in. While that, On Sochaux 100% electric versions of the future Peugeot 5008 and 3008 will be built and will feature the mid-range STLA platform. Today, a third of Peugeot 3008s produced in Sochaux are plug-in hybrid versions.

Proceed Rain . FactoryAlongside the production of the Peugeot 5008 and C5 Aircross Plug-in, a not-yet-released 100% electric Citroen model will be built. in Boise Electric models Opel Mokka-e and DS3 E-TENSE are produced. Finally, a Hordain has come true Electric trucks for Peugeot, Citroen, Opel, Fiat, Vauxhall and Toyota brands.

At the same time, all French Stellantis sites today that produce components for endothermic vehicles will also follow a transition process, producing components for electrified/electric vehicles.

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