Stadia refunds send red Google Play points and user complaints

Stadia refunds are currently underway and will run until the beginning of 2023 to satisfy every former subscriber of the service, however those who have already seen the balance in their existing account face damage associated with Google Play Points. An increasing number of users are reporting that they find themselves with a negative score score or lower than they used to be.

As always on the cutting edge of reporting tools redditwhich is a platform through which posts requesting clarifications about Massive removal of Google Play Points from their Google Play accounts. In the worst case, negative balances on the order of thousands of points are reported, which prevents the possibility of requesting discounts for purchasing new applications, as permitted by regulations.

Someone hasn’t noticed, others are already talking about it Punitive attitude on the part of Googleeven if we are led to believe it is a minor mistake until official communications from the company. Purchases of Stadia titles were eligible for the Google Points Program, allowing you to accumulate 1 point for every euro spent. For this reason, those who bought dozens of shares now find themselves with a negative balance without notifying them.

Google remains silent at the moment, but given the increase in comments and complaints, it is reasonable to expect a response from the company in a short time, only to clarify an already nervous situation, which could further affect the image of Big G. There is an official communication that we will inform you about. But in the meantime we ask you, have any of you actually made a refund? And if so, did you receive a discount on the Google Points you earned? Let us know in the comments.

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