Spotify improves Apple Watch and Ray-Ban Stories: News

spotify Advertise several Ads To enjoy the platform company in a better, more intuitive and efficient way even on those devices where it may be used less, compared to listening on a classic smartphone. Spotify is working to be present on whatever product is able to support it, and hope to better accompany the customer. So here are the important changes Apple Watch, Ray-Ban Stories, Fire TV Omni QLED, … Delta Airplanes.

How to Change Spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify on Apple Watch changes a lot. The streaming service team worked to make the experience from the Apple Watch more usable: a new design, with larger icons and text, new animations and features, like the ability to swipe to leave a similar song. Finally, new podcast episodes are marked with a blue dot so they can be more easily identified.

“This means you’ll be able to browse and choose your favorite music and podcasts from your collection more easily, as well as download music for offline listening at a faster rate than the watch itself.” Platform promises. To experience the news – is the recommendation – make sure you install better The latest version of the app is available.

Within the scope of RAY-BAN stories

An even more rewarding experience for subscribers who own two Ray-Ban Stories thanks to Spotify Tap, which promises to boot without having to take the phone out of your pocket. So before you leave your home or car, you can put your smartphone in your pocket without having to take it out again to play music.

Ray-Ban Stories review, Facebook glasses: a nice gadget, not too smart

September 28

Simply touch the right temple, near the Ray-Ban logo, and hold for preamble spotify Hear something different Just tap and hold a second time.

SPOTIFY takes the plane and enters the latest AMAZON TV

If you should get in the next few months a file delta planes, While searching for your place, you may hear some references to Spotify. This is because the two have ramped up their partnership: “We are recovering together – Spotify books – The music you listen to when you find your place.” The playlist will be updated monthly with the favorite songs of Delta customers.

Finally, the latest news Fire TV Omni QLED TV from AmazonOfficially from the end of September only for the United States and Canada. The orange e-commerce giant’s new premium TV on the Ambient Experience includes Spotify, which can be accessed with voice commands and recommendations on what to listen to. “in addition to – writes broadcast platform – You can browse albums, songs and playlists using the remote control or via Spotify Connect on your phone or tablet. Or you can switch between them for a totally optimal experience”.

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