Sony says PlayStation exclusives will arrive on PC after a year

In recent years, Sony has profoundly changed its approach to the PC world, and it will accept it convincingly thanks to the transfer of several titles belonging to its library of PlayStation exclusives. Marvel’s Spider-Man is one of the latest releases to be released on PC, while we know that the remake of the first part of The Last of Us will arrive soon although there is no specific date yet. However, Sony has shown a great commitment to making sure that the PC ports of its PlayStation titles can also offer something more, by improving the technical sector and supporting some of the most distinctive elements of this world, such as ultra-wide screens and so on. In short, it wasn’t about hasty and tepid conversions, it was about the carefully designed ports – also with a look towards Steam Deck – that show how the Japanese company really believes in this way and doesn’t act too much for it. SONY and PC: An intentional relationship for the latter Another confirmation of Sony’s commitment comes directly from Hermen Hulst, president of PlayStation Studios, who was recently the protagonist in an interview with French YouTuber Julien Chièze (you can find it in the source, obviously in French), from which it appeared Many interesting details. Hulst basically confirmed that sooner or later all PlayStation exclusives will also arrive on PC, but he stressed that this would never happen on day one but only after at least a year after release on consoles. This is undoubtedly a reasonable amount of time, as it makes sense to anticipate the priority of the PlayStation 5 (and PS4, as far as future reliance is) toward the PC world, since Sony has every interest in making it palatable. environmental system. In short, the mantra will be simple at first on PlayStation, but making sure that PC users are not treated like second-tier players, since the PC versions will always enjoy those benefits you can experience by going as well as the hardware limitations of consoles. After one year on PC, with some exceptions the delay of at least one year won’t apply to all titles, but it won’t affect all Sony experiences that focus heavily on the concept of live service and multiplayer. In fact, these games particularly benefit from having a good user base, so choosing the mode on PlayStation and PC right from launch is the best to instantly maximize the score and ensure greater chances of long-term survival of today’s title. In fact, we remember that, especially after the acquisition of Bungie, Sony confirmed its interest in the world of live services, indicating that this category of games will be increasingly present in the PlayStation Studios offering, in addition to titles that will also see them land on mobile devices. Sony’s future strategy is that of the company that aims to gradually move towards a multi-platform approach, without giving up on offering some advantages to those who choose to follow it from its console. The first steps into the PC world gave excellent results from every point of view, and Hulst himself asserted that the sales generated by this segment helped PlayStation Studios fund the development of new blockbuster films. So it seems that the route that was followed has given the desired results.

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