Sky, Fastweb and NVP are changing the view of basketball with 5G: test it with Olympia Milano

5G as a tool to improve entertainment and enjoyment Sports content. This is the will Sky Italia, Fastweb and NVPfrom the project Immersive basket experience It will bring a new immersive experience to the Mediolanum Forum during home matches inOlympia Milan.

Six 360-degree cameras Installed at several strategic points in the Assago sports hall, it will ensure unprecedented views: the cameras will be connected to each other and directed by Sky through SA’s new generation Fastweb (standalone) network at 26 GHz. Basically, they are usedTwo independent 5G antennas connected to the Fastweb backbone[forreal-timecontributionHDimagesintheSkyremotecontrolroom[diFastwebperlacontribuzioneintemporealedelleimmaginiadaltissimarisoluzioneversolasalaregiaremotadiSky[للمساهمةفيالوقتالفعليلصورعاليةالدقةفيغرفةالتحكمعنبعدفيSky[diFastwebperlacontribuzioneintemporealedelleimmaginiadaltissimarisoluzioneversolasalaregiaremotadiSky“.

The project won the 2022 MISE 5G Audiovisual call, received the maximum funding, and the trial will start in October 14 in a match Euroleague Between Olimpia Milano and Alba Berlin which will be broadcast on Sky Sport Uno, the immersive view obtained by the six 360-degree cameras will be made available to everyone later.

excerpt from speech Massimo BertolottiSenior Director of Communications and Infrastructure at Sky:

With this project, which is being implemented with two industry leaders such as Fastweb and NVP, we will be producing live events in an immersive setting. We will do this by implementing a more flexible, fast and scalable production model, anticipating the possible applications of 5G technology in the production and broadcast sector.

Fabrizio CassatiFastweb’s Chief Wholesale Officer commented:

Thanks to the 5G integration, we will be able to give fans a new experience of using images, and to stand out among the most innovative countries in Europe.

Opening photo credits: Eurosport

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