Skoda Enyaq iV, Software Update Campaign Begins

Skoda started Software update campaign Dedicated to its electric SUV Enyaq iV that presents the new version of ME3. The new program is only for vehicles already on the road. The latest models, in fact, already have an original.

Action must be performed At a Skoda dealer. Customers have already received an email with all the details. All they have to do is make an appointment with the dealership’s workshop. In addition to introducing a series of new features, this update is important because it also allows receiving OTA updates. Therefore, the next time Skoda releases an update, everything will be handled directly from the car.

So what other innovations did this update bring? We’ve already talked about it some time ago. The new ME3 software brings many improvements to the functions of the Digital Cockpit, head-up display, infotainment system and Skoda Connect online services. Also, and most importantly, it allows you to Get a higher real independence Thanks to improved battery management.

The new program also introduces Battery charging mode This allows the power supply process to be switched off at 80% of the collector capacity. This helps preserve and extend the life of the battery. Maximum charging capacity increases to 120 kW for vehicles powered by a 62 kWh battery and to 135 kW for models with an 82 kWh battery.

The process of modernizing electric SUVs, which is carried out in Skoda service centers, is absolutely free.

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