Since Jobs’ death, Apple’s designers have become less and less comfortable. The chair is still empty

Occupy a weight chair like a chair Responsible for designing Apple products It is a priority, of course, but at the same time the choice should be as accurate as possible. So in Cupertino, you can walk a thread, making sure that a company that has based much of its success on product design (which should not be confused with hardware aesthetics, the design is the concept, product implantation) can not miss the profile that entrusts him with a key position.

But according to information compiled by Bloomberg, who devoted a lot of space to the topic and was the first to say goodbye to Hanky, by now we were almost navigating the horizon. We need a new leader And it must be identified among those who have worked at Apple for several years, among those who supposedly made their own way of envisioning those products through which the duo of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive made the giant company today.

Of the nearly 400 billion revenue that Apple identified in 2021, more than three-quarters came from physical products, with apples on top. The American newspaper described, in a secret interview with some insiders, one of them The situation is not very calm since the death of Steve Jobs Onward, when aspects that were previously marginal gained importance. More focus on costs And other “distractors” removed calm For the team, even the earthquake caused by Eve’s farewell that still produces aftershocks today.

At least 15 designers have left since 2015

The sky turned grayBloomberg writes, When, in 2015, Eve’s commitment became part-time. Since then, the historic team members have left Apple, and in 2019, four more have left in addition to the person who best embodies Apple’s philosophy, Jony Ive.

Jony Ive, Here's LoveFrom: Glorifying Minimalism

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October 13

Evans Hanky ​​leaves Apple, was Jony Ive's successor

October 21

And the bleeding of “heads” did not stop there, because many others broke off their relationship with Apple. Bloomberg writes that since 2015 they have left Cupertino At least 15 members of first design team by EvePerhaps one of the reasons was the growing influence of Apple’s operations division that introduced this word costs To a team that has only thought about simplification for years.

The team was united by the incredible air and things we can do quite unconventionally for a large company – said a longtime team member, who preferred to remain anonymous. It was a special team. It wasn’t easy after the death of Steve Jobs: things just got more complicated. External pressures and distractions increased.

today Apple has a small group of veterans at its disposal to succeed Eve and Hanky. It appears to be the most credible candidate, and the most liked by the sources Bloomberg consulted Richard Howarthfor 26 years at Apple and at the helm of Apple’s industrial design between 2015 and 2017: Now, free from Ive’s massive presence, he’ll have the freedom to turn his ideas into projects.

In the opening photo, two “dreamers” from Apple: Jony Ive and Steve Jobs.

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