Shell shuts down hydrogen filling stations in the UK

Without much proclamation, Shell has closed all hydrogen filling stations in the UK. The oil giant has opened 3 stations to allow cars to be filled with hydrogen. These distributors opened between 2017 and 2019 in Gatwick, Cobham and Beaconsfield. After this decision agreed with operator Motive, only 11 hydrogen refueling stations remained open in the UK.

All three distributors were funded in part by the European Joint Undertaking for Hydrogen Fuel Cells (now known as the Clean Hydrogen Partnership) and the UK’s Office of Low Emission Vehicles (now called the Zero Emission Vehicles Office).

Refueling points are nothing more than “prototypes” that Shell has made clear they have reached the end of their lifecycle. Anyway, hydrogen refueling stations business Not proven to be sustainable Because there are no fuel cell cars on the roads.

However, this is not a goodbye to hydrogen for Shell. In fact, the company announced that it is evaluating the possibility of establishing new stations for heavy vehicles It is always made in the UK. The old terminals were not reusable for the new purpose because they were too small to accommodate trucks.

However, what has been learned over time will allow Shell to build better refueling stations.

We have invested more than £2 million annually to operate our small plants, but we have decided that it is not sustainable to continue with this investment.

Shell’s decision also reflects the current trend that hydrogen is an interesting technology only for trucks, not cars. By way of comparison, if there are currently 11 hydrogen plants left in the UK, they are in parallel More than 57,000 charging points for electric cars.

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