Sheila introduces Energy Hub 149 for bi-directional car charging | video

Silla, an Italian startup active in the e-mobility sector that has developed products such as the “Prism” wallbox, has announced that it will offer Energy Center 149a product that responds to the challenges of smart home, smart mobility and that Two-way charging of cars will be allowed. Sella will bring Energy Hub 149 to the Paris Motor Show, which will be held from October 17-23.

This novelty, which was already foreseen in Rome last fall at the planning stage, is now a reality. Sella explains that Energy Hub 149″It precedes trends in automotive mechanical engineering and offers a complete, state-of-the-art solution for managing home consumption and communications in a single hub, integrating multiple functions into a single smart device.“.

In addition, it also functions as a solar inverter, storage system, and charger for smart electric cars with a type 2 connector, ensuring tightness of the network even in the event of a sudden connection failure or power outage and the router’s modem to connect to the router. Internet.The whole house.

The idea behind this product is very simple. Today, if you want to equip your home with all those devices that make it as efficient as possible, perhaps with the aim of energy independence (photovoltaic system, storage system…), then the integration is not easy at all. In addition to the solar panels and the battery, you should install inverters, a grid gate, and more, and if you also have an electric car, you should also consider a recharge point.

With Energy Hub 149, you want Sila Offer a unique product Which provides the integration of all these devices, in order to manage everything in the simplest possible way. The interesting thing is that it contains Also from bi-directional charging. Therefore, in the future, it will be possible to use the energy contained in car batteries to power the house when needed. The Silla product is also modular, that is, it was created to be updated with new modules in order to extend its functionality. In addition, it has a large screen to simplify configuration by installers.

In addition to showcasing the Energy Hub 149, Silla will also trim the popular Prism wallbox in the new edition at the Paris Motor Show. Prism PlusEquipped with an internet connection to recharge the car even in night mode and to manage the shaft even from a distance Wallegg, single phase charging poleFitted with a socket and intended for the b2b market. The company will also bring Duke 44the new column that introduces direct current charging at 44 kW, thus becoming Two-way charging.

The Duke 44 was introduced as a prototype and, in addition to allowing for fast and efficient charging times, expects bi-directional DC charging to use the V2H (vehicle-to-home), V2G (vehicle-to-network), and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) functions. The new shaft is able to transfer power from the car system to the home, grid and other car system, thanks to the 22 kW continuous dual conductor.

Alberto StecaSilla Industries CEO, said in Energy Hub 149:

Once again, we want to anticipate the future and lead market trends by offering customers a solution that can adapt to today’s needs, but more to the needs of tomorrow. Products like Energy Hub 149 aim to integrate components that would normally be separate from different brands, solar power generation, electric vehicle charging and storage solutions. Integrating the intelligent energy management system and vehicle recharging into one device helps improve its efficiency.

[15/10/2022 aggiornato con video]

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