Security at airports, from 2024 Change will happen in the UK thanks to 3D scanners

restrictions on liquids at airports And on planes they are about to be phased out, at least in the UK. adoption 3D scanners It became mandatory at the country’s major airports in 2017, and will allow passengers to travel with fewer worries, and thus without having to show security personnel the clear bag containing bottles of max. 100 ml each.

It seems like a minor fact, but there will be beyond the convenience of putting everything in a handbag Benefits Also for stopovers and airlines: discussions about what liquids to take on board and opening bags where current scanners have found prohibited containers and bottles Among the first reasons for flight delays at major British airports.

So the new generation technology comes in to help with safety and, why not, for convenience: 3D scanners being adopted in the UK are just like Computed tomography scanner Which we find in hospitals, and allow you to analyze the contents of your luggage with a Super accuracy compared to what is happening now. Things come Zoom in And if necessary, note yourself below different angles by rotating the image.

fluid restrictions etc Electronic devices such as laptops and tablets – not just in the UK, but all over the world – since 2006 in the aftermath of terrorist attacks thwarted by British police. Since then little or nothing has changed in terms of safety, However, 2024 will be the year of change. There is no official announcement, but the government is supposed to issue a press release soon.

Among the airports undergoing modernization of security systems there is the most obvious HeathrowWhere they are “Install slowlyScanners as confirmed by airport manager John Holland-Kaye who continues:We have just begun to expand the security area in Terminal 3 which will house more CT scanners with a mid-2024 deadline set by the Department of Transportation. Until that date, the normal passenger experience will be for liquids to remain in envelopes“.

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