SCUF Reflex review: Expensive but over the top, even in customization

The world of professional consoles and PCs is increasingly filled with diverse offerings – even Sony recently entered it with its DualSense Edge – so much so that those looking for a board capable of going beyond the capabilities of more classic hardware have a wide choice. One of these is represented by the family of consoles in the SCUF Reflex series, designed explicitly for the PlayStation 5 and PC, which is divided into three proposals: SCUF Reflex, Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS. Basically, it’s always the same controller, but small variations are applied to it such as a rubber back (Pro version) or instant triggers and absence of vibration (FPS version), all aspects that can be selected and configured already at the purchase stage. We’ve been testing a fully custom version of the SCUF Reflex for several weeks, which features a rubber grip and several cosmetic changes that are in keeping with the console’s ethos. Now we are ready to talk to you about it and tell you our impressions. SCUF REFLEX: Design and ergonomics The SCUF Reflex is a console designed for PS5 immediately understood, because, at first glance from the base version, it can be confusing to get a real DualSense, net of some small aesthetic differences. For example, we do not find the classic PlayStation keys printed on the front, there is no symbol on the directional crosshair and the home button does not have the PS logo, but apart from this we are faced with a true clone of the DualSense, including the layout of the touchpad and the position LEDs that indicate To the state of the console and what’s happening in the games, to the point that the console recognizes it as such, and even manages updates like the official console. The high similarity with DualSense could be a positive or negative factor depending on your preference. On the one hand, you have the feeling that you have a formal board in your hands – without conflicting with the feeling of Tarot that accompanies many alternative propositions – but on the other hand, it is also true that those looking for a solution that can present asymmetrical sticks will have to look somewhere else. On the other hand, all fans of the more traditional PlayStation experience will find a very familiar and comfortable peripheral in their hands, which offers the same ergonomics as the DualSense and improves it if you choose to outfit itself with a rubber back. Every element of SCUF Reflex is precision-crafted and delivers a premium feel on par with the cost of a pillow—let’s talk about it at the end—so let’s talk about the high-quality plastics and subtle, smudge-free finishes. Added to this is the excellent response from the front buttons and rear triggers, which also preserve all the adaptive features typical of DualSense (we are talking about L2 / R2), and therefore will not require any compromises of any kind in the gaming experience. . We feel the first real difference by taking Reflex in hand, because with 306 grams, it weighs 26 grams more than the official Sony panel 280. From a technical point of view, we do not find certain differences and even the battery is the same from 1500 mAh, which guarantees a very variable autonomy based on the use of the adaptive backbone. In general, however, we are talking about a duration similar to that of DualSense. SCUF Reflex can be used both wirelessly and wired, so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. When minimal latency is not required and you want to face a more relaxed game, you can connect the console to the console via Bluetooth, while in all other cases you can reduce response times by connecting the board via its Type-C port to the console or PC. The latter recognizes the controller even in Bluetooth mode and there are absolutely no restrictions during use in games, the Reflex proves to be a reliable and accurate controller, with the added advantage of being able to better customize your gaming experience, as well as a choice of analog sticks of different shape and length. In general, the level of quality is higher than that offered by DualSense, as well as in terms of feedback for the buttons and analog sticks of the SCUF suggestion. Suggested by DualSense, the true breaking point is represented by the inclusion of four configurable rotors correctly positioned on the back of the controller. These are meant to make some of the controls more accessible, so you can still keep your thumbs on the analog sticks while you play. This is a possibility that requires a little practice and adaptation, as you will initially find it unnatural to interact with the panels, but it doesn’t take much to understand their true added value. The controllers in the SCUF Reflex family are certainly not the first to offer on-board controls, but the way they do it already exists, starting with the ability to perform configuration without having to rely on any external application. This makes the process more immediate and simple, especially in the early stages when we are still looking for the right planning for our needs. The controller basically comes with 3 profiles already configured, they can be identified by the color of the RGB LED on the profile button. The colors are blue for the FPS/Battle Royale layout, red for the sports one and green for racing games. Game types are purely a reference to the layout chosen by SCUF at the factory, but each configuration can be modified as desired. The input registration process is simple and instant: after choosing the profile color, simply hold down the profile key until it flashes. At this point, it is enough to press the desired panel and the key to be assigned, and then press the profile key again to confirm the choice. This action allows you to set any key on the console, even analog L3/R3 compression and directional cross, so there’s maximum freedom of customization on that front as well. Because the title you are playing at that moment does not require this type of control so precise and instant – we point out that it is possible to physically remove them from the console, in order to avoid pressing them when it is not necessary. To do this, simply pull them hard outward, starting with the two deeper, so this process also doesn’t require additional attachments specific to removal and ensures more flexibility and customization. Needless to say, it makes no sense to buy such a console to not use the rear fans, but if necessary, it can still be done. Finally, we point out that the other keys are not resettable, but this can be done directly from the PS5 system settings. Customization and the price of the SCUF Reflex is certainly not a cheap console even in its basic version, but that price could go up even more. If you allow yourself to be tempted by the rich ingredient available on the official website. At the moment, the Standard Edition is offered at a reduced price of €199.99 – while the list price is 219.99 – and this number should be taken as the starting point from which to form your proposal. The possibilities for customization are quite numerous and range from a choice of colors and skins for almost every element of the console – from the surface to the handle and through buttons, levers, etc. – with some options designed to improve the competitiveness of the control panel, as in the case of the instant back triggers (costing €44.99 ) or the ability to remove vibration (costs € 9.99) to make the console lighter and suitable for professional use. As you can see from our small test with the configurator, the price of the SCUF Reflex could easily exceed 400 euros and in this version we did not add the instant triggers and de-vibration, which would require another 55 euros, in total above 460 euros, instead we included the trigger package, Because the existing accessories are definitely useful for anyone who chooses such a product; A hard case is almost essential to protect such an expensive product and alternative analog sticks are important to adapt the pad to the best as per the chosen title. In this case we are talking about the addition of 34.99 euros (reduced, otherwise 44.99 euros) which has already been calculated in our simulation. Obviously, you can choose to buy SCUF Reflex as well in its basic version, as it will apply only those few free changes (mainly the ones that make you choose between black and white) that still allow for a slight degree of customization even in this case. Needless to say, it’s still a product that lands far in a category compared to any other offering on the market, thanks to a truly unique combination of factors: perfect reproduction of DualSense shapes and functions, extreme customization, perfect placement of the additional rear levers and an overall quality of top-notch SCUF final ratings. Reflex is virtually a handmade product, built around the needs of the individual player. And he wants to transform precisely this class of players, or those who are able to derive real benefit from all these small concerns that for most players would be superfluous. Therefore, those looking for a display of this size will find themselves at home with a SCUF Reflex or one of the more performing versions, and for others, the minimalist DualSense is truly a central solution. SCUF Reflex – 199.99 EUROVOTO 8.7 Price is important for fixed actuators

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