Samsung targets high despite the crisis: 2023 grows thanks to the foldable and the S23

270 million smartphones were shipped in 2023, therefore, compared to 260 million in 2022. This is projected data discreet, i.e. an estimate taking into account the great economic, social and political difficulties affecting the entire world. So the focus should shift to foldable smartphones, The device category that guarantees greater profitability: As reported by Naver, foldable devices are expected to grow at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate)80% From now until 2024.

This does not mean that mid-range smartphones will suffer a cutback in business plans: their production should not be subject to change in absolute terms (210 million Galaxy A smartphones are expected to be shipped), However, at the same time, the production of the foldable upper band will increase So that it has more weight in the Samsung offer in the market. And with the flyers there will be too Galaxy S serieswhich will allow in particular with the Ultra model to increase profitability.

And speaking of the best-in-class Galaxy phone, what appears to be a KT . South Korean Mobile Operator Sticker. Other than showing off the Galaxy S23 and S23+ models that we can define as “dancers” – the carrier may have relied on unofficial images for now – what’s more interesting is explained: We’re talking about Pre-orderswhich in their homeland should leave December 23 It ends on January 5th. So is the Galaxy S23 series ahead of the usual schedules?

(Updated Oct 31, 2022, 4:40 p.m.)

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