Samsung Play & Fly, in Milan Linate, plays while waiting for a plane

Samsung decided there was no better way to entertain people waiting for a flight than by offering a high-end gaming platform that could be used quickly, so it opened at Milan Linate Airport. New gaming corner Play and flywhich will run from October 8, 2022 until January 7, 2023, to entertain travelers and allow them to discover the new Samsung Gaming Hub, thanks to which your favorite titles can also be played from the TV and without the need to connect a console.

The Play & Fly project corner, located on the airport’s first floor between the dining area and children’s area, will include three 50-inch QN90B TVs, the new 2022 model from the QLED range, ideal for taking advantage of the Gaming Hub and streaming games with the HW-S800B Ultra Slim soundbar. For an immersive 360-degree experience.

For those unfamiliar with this smart TV unit, the QN90B TV model delivers an outstanding viewing experience with Ultra HD detail, stunning contrast, and vivid, vibrant 4K images thanks to Quantum Matrix technology.

In addition, with the integration of Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, every session becomes ultra-smooth, enabling image optimization up to 4K 144Hz. This technology is capable of automatic learning, prediction and frame compensation, to deliver an uninterrupted game experience. Smoothness and responsiveness are also ensured by certified AMD FreeSync Premium Pro core technology, as well as a massive color spectrum and 4 HDMI 2.1 ports.

In the corner, thanks to the partnership with Xbox and the presence of the latest generation of the Series X console, it will be possible to play Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Minecraft Dungeons and Flight Simulator. These, along with plenty of other games, are shown at the Samsung Gaming Hub, the world’s first platform to include the Xbox app on smart TVs, allowing users to stream over 100 high-quality games through the Xbox app. Based on Tizen, Service Samsung Gaming Hub It is a new streaming gaming platform that connects hardware and software to provide an unparalleled gaming experience on Samsung Smart TVs 2022.

The project responds to the gaming market especially the games being played on TV which are increasingly growing. According to a recent survey by Samsung, the number of TVs used for gaming increased by 12% compared to 2021, with a 9% increase in hours devoted to gaming. Players who play TV are also more likely to use screens for purposes other than non-gamers (+45%).

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