Samsung is all about chips: More outsourcing and the new foundry, as they say in Europe

As for the rumors, one thing is for sure: Samsung plans to expand chip manufacturing. After all, the crisis that has hit the sector in recent months stemmed from the sudden restart after the shutdown in the pandemic factories, but from an inevitably growing number of production sectors in need of chips, from speakers to manageable lights. By sound, passing through the “egg” kitchen, cars with ADAS and of course computer products.

Almost every object, area or sector today that conforms to modern standards does so through one or more segments, so they need and will need more and more. Europe has learned its lesson Semiconductor crisis after the pandemic, e For months she has been searching for a way to free herself from Asia. The answer seems to be given by Samsung, which according to Korea Economic Daily Planning to open a foundry in Europe.

Indiscretion comes at dubious times: just a few days ago STMicroelectronics Announced the first integrated production line for silicon carbide epitaxial flakes On an industrial scale that was never built on the Old Continent, financed by Italy (to be built in Catania) and with the support of Europe, which in turn gives content to ads at the beginning of the year.

The South Korean giant – writes KED – views the focus on auto chips and SoCs as a driver of future growth. According to some Samsung officials, the company is hiring large-scale memory, foundry, and integration experts to expand its core business.

Samsungthey explain from Korea, It is currently producing high-tech chips in-houseincluding those for smartphones and derivatives, while those that do not require high levels of efficiency and can be made with more “coarse” production processes around 14 nm are primarily delegated to the UMC, United Microelectronics CompanyTaiwanese chip maker.

to me future will be the intention to Find new suppliers Reliable outsourcing of ‘low tech’ semiconductor production Building new factories with Samsung FoundryAnd the Maybe in EuropeTo increase its production capacity of the finest types of chips.

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