Samsung Internet Browser updates to version 19, here’s the news

Samsung Internet Browser recently appeared Updated to version 19, which introduced a few months ago a feature that is essential to many and perhaps taken for granted, given the times, but in fact it was not available to everyone at all. Let’s talk about the ability to sync bookmarks and favorite pages between Google Chrome and the Samsung Internet browser, which may soon find an expansion for all accounts.

The first signs surfaced during last summer, when the feature was introduced in the beta channel as a test, but now with the latest update, the races may soon change, and while the changelog doesn’t mention it, it’s expected to be activated silently in the next few days.

But it will not be the only news, in fact, the change in the latest version, Samsung Internet 19, indicates this.

  • There is a new feature “Privacy Information” which can be accessed on each site by clicking on the URL bar lock icon.
  • Samsung Internet Widget users can now check their recent search history from the improved widgets available in version
  • Add-ons are now available when Samsung Internet is used in stealth mode. To use this new functionality, users will need to enable the Allow in Secret Mode option for each add-on individually.

In addition to the above features, Samsung Internet 19 also increases security and privacy With changes like the one introduced in Smart Anti-Tracking, which is now able to intelligently identify domains using cross-site tracking and be able to block access to cookies. Additionally, Samsung Internet 19 warns users when they try to access known malicious websites.

As mentioned above, Changelog doesn’t mention sync bookmarks Cross-platform with Google Chrome, but this feature was available in the same beta version. It’s not clear if Samsung has removed this feature from the public release, or plans to unlock it soon, but we’ll talk about it again as soon as the situation clears up.

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