Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, first image sample of VS S22 Ultra and Pixel 7 Pro

a The first photographic sample of the Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraThanks to Ice Universe, which compares shots of two other high-end smartphones well known for their high-performance camera parts, the direct predecessor S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 Pro. It is clearly impossible to draw concrete conclusions from a single photo, especially when you consider the stress of uploading to social networks etc., but the S23U photo looks much richer in detail, especially when you look at the skin of a pumpkin, and the colors look darker, especially when compared to the colors Pixel 7 Pro.

Below the image: It’s a file 100% crop In all three cases. From left to right, we have the S23 Ultra, S22 Ultra, and Pixel 7 Pro. We repeat: there are a lot of unknown variables – we don’t know for example the lighting conditions in the environment or the testing methodologies.

The source notes rather strange details: The whole picture of the S23 Ultra camera is 12MP, not at 12.5 MP; With 4×4 binning, the second value should be an image produced by the 200MP sensor as rumored so far. In any case, it was clarified that according to the current samples, the S23U solves – correctly, an improvement – a weakness of its predecessor, which is capturing very sharp images, with the consequent loss of detail, outdoors during the day. However, the leaker believes that Vivo and Google Pixel can still do a better job in this regard. The same logic applies to the HDR processing algorithm.

Just a few days ago, the same source predicted that the S23 Ultra would be able to produce 12.5MP photos, 200MP photos, and 50MP photos – a “middle ground” that will primarily exploit 2×2 binning. Remember, it is now practically certain that the next generation of Samsung’s flagships will be equipped exclusively with Qualcomm SoC, specifically the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2; No Exynos chips, in the end he would have chosen a strategic retreat with the goal of returning more competitively within two years.

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