Rome ZTL Green Belt, here’s how it changes from November 15

from tomorrow November 15 in Rome New traffic restrictions will be triggered In the green ZTL. In recent days, in fact, the Council of Rome approved a resolution of the new measures created with the aim of containing air pollution. New provisions essentially prevent access to the ZTL by the most polluting vehicles from Monday to Saturday. They will only be able to distribute on Sundays and public holidays. Moreover, restrictions for the next few years were expected. After Milan, Rome tightened traffic restrictions on the most polluting cars.

Let’s get into the details and see the provisions approved by the Municipal Council.

From November 15, 2022, from Monday to Saturday, excluding Sundays and midweek, the green belt of Rome will be closed to The following vehicle classes:

  • Gasoline and diesel vehicles before Euro 1, Euro 1, and Euro 2
  • Euro 3 diesel vehicles
  • Bicycles, mopeds and mopeds with pre-Euro 1 and Euro 1 petrol and Pre-Euro 1, Euro 1, and Euro 2 diesel fuel

From 1 November 2024 Petrol cars with Euro 3 rating will be added to these categories.

In addition, there are more traffic restrictions on the road For diesel vehicles from November 1 to March 31 every yearMonday through Saturday, excluding Sundays and midweek holidays.

So, specifically, ban access and circulation within the ZTL Green Belt from 2023 for Euro 4 diesel cars in the period 7.30-20.30; Euro 4 diesel N1, N2 and N3 commercial vehicles in the time period 7.30-10.30 / 16.30-20.30; Motorcycles and diesel vehicles, Euro 3.

start From 1 November 2024 The allowance will be extended to: diesel cars 5 euros in the time period 7.30-20.30; Diesel Euro 5 N1, N2 and N3 commercial vehicles in the time period 7.30-10.30 / 16.30-20.30.

In addition to what was described for the municipality Will organize 4 “environmental” Sundays With all endothermic compounds discontinued.

From November 1 to March 31 of each year for at least four Sundays for all vehicles equipped with an internal combustion engine, in the time periods 7.30-12.30 and 16.30-20.30, the calendar of which shall be determined each year by a specific act of the Capitoline Council which shall be enforced with the ordinances of the mayor.

The municipality points out that in addition to all these restrictions, those that are specified on demand can be added in case there is a seriousness of pollution.

The municipality aims to Encouraging the use of public transportation To satisfy the commuting of citizens. Unfortunately, We know very well the critical issues that infects the public transport service in Rome. In any case, the council decided to introduce a series of bonuses to persuade citizens to use public transportation.

At the same time, the Capitoline administration, taking into account the social, economic and mobility needs of citizens, has started some measures to support the use of public transport, including: free annual subscription to public transport for vehicle scrapping within €2, €3 petrol and €3 diesel and Euro 4; An incentive, in addition to the state, to change light commercial vehicles from Euro 3/5 to fully electric cars; Reissuance of the Mobility Manager Network Public Transportation Discount. These support measures, by putting money into the Lazio Region Air Quality Recovery Plan system, amount to a total of 3 million euros for the years 2022-2022, 5 million euros for 2023 and 5 million for 2024.

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