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Asus undoubtedly made a choice in 2022: it eliminated the Flip version of the Zenfone series by focusing on a single 5.9-inch model (the Zenfone 9) and significantly expanded the model range rouge phone Smartphones intended for the general public who love to play anywhere using the smartphone.

An option that seems strange and sees 5 different practically identical Rog devices in the list price which changes in only two aspects: Batman version Really special, and Mediatek processor for the 6D model.

As a lover of the brand, I had the opportunity to use all the available Rog Phone versions in order to understand the differences but also the reason for certain choices. Before we talk about hardware differences, I’d like to leave you with a quick Unlock the Rog Phone 6 Pro Batman Edition model case, A very special edition that not only winks for Gotham City fans, but is super stylish and takes care of all the accessories, including the SIM push pin!

Casting: You’ve Never Been Ahead in ROG 6D

One of the features that distinguishes Rog phones from all other smartphones in the market and which these devices are known as gaming smartphones par excellence, are heat dissipation system. With each new generation, Asus has been able to significantly improve thermal efficiency by incorporating the latest processors on the market (which obviously improve thermal management compared to previous solutions), and by creating highly efficient steam chambers.

Not only is it huge, it is the largest on the market, but it has a series of layers that allow for rapid and continuous cooling of the smartphone even after long gaming sessions. This allows you to harness the full power of the processor and get maximum performance in terms of frame rate and screen response. I obviously 6000 mAh All ROGs make the difference and are always able to guarantee above-average autonomy.

However, what you see in the pictures is part of the cooling system as it is just a passive dissipation. Rog phones also have an active dissipation system that allows, through an external fan, to further reduce the surface temperature of the smartphone.

In fact, the fan allows you to move large volumes of air in keeping with the processor that remains, however, inside the body. In fact, there is no way to directly dissipate the CPU as it does on computers where the heat sink can be placed in true contact with the CPU for maximum effectiveness.

In fact, Asus has managed to do something they’ve never seen before And on the Rog Phone 6D we find an unlocking system that allows you to place files Direct connection of the active fan to the indoor steam room. In the photo above, you can see how in 6D there is a real window, the AeroActive Portal, which allows access to the steam room and which, by means of a fan, can be cooled more quickly and more effectively.

The system is automated and works only by installing the fan behind the smartphone. It can be opened manually for maintenance only and has an automatic shutdown system if the smartphone is dropped. A very special technical solution but with exceptional payoff.

Asus data that you see above is real and in fact Rog Phone 6D with fan is max active and with AeroActive Portal it manages to get much lower temperature even than Rog Phone 6 Pro which is always used with fan max active but without opening

So on a technical level the choice is logical and for long gaming sessions you may find some advantages in terms of fps and autonomy. In general, however, we can say that Rog Phone 6D in this mode is the smartphone with the best thermal management on the market.

Different CPU: What is changing?

Now if the different dissipation is obvious, I’d like to say a few words about the overall performance. Obviously, we are talking about the best CPUs currently on the market proposed by Mediatek and Qualcomm, and the benchmarks also confirm the quality of the processors. In fact, there aren’t much differences between the 6 Pro and the 6D Ultimate even if the GPU of the Snapdragon version manages to get a bigger signal.

Although Mediatek’s multi-core results are better, there are no real differences between the two models in terms of ease of use. However, what changes is the temperature: In fact, the Rog Phone 6D heats up more than the Pro model. Obviously I’m talking about the use without any external fan which on the contrary brings a clear advantage to the 6D thanks to the AeroActive Porta.

So in classic usage, the Snapdragon variant is the preferred choice thanks to better efficiency and practically identical performance. On the other hand, if you play a lot with your smartphone and the accessory fan becomes an “always on” component, the 6D’s thermal feature can be really appreciated.


Summing up, Asus’ choice to make more variants of the Rog is special. The AeroActive Portal on the 6D appears to be a necessary cooling solution for the Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Plus but it does not bring any real benefits in normal use. Rogs remain unique smartphones, up-to-date and well-made software. Too bad for the very high prices, the 1499 euros for the 6D Ultimate is undoubtedly a lot, which does not allow everyone to appreciate the technical and design efforts behind these smartphones. Have you ever thought about a Rog phone?

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Rog Phone 6 Pro review: It's only getting better and has no competition

July 05


Asus ROG Phone 6D Ultimate is available online from Asustore a 1499 € or from eBay to 1599 EUR. To see the other five shows, click here.

(Updated November 08 2022, 10:10 AM)

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