Rent4You reinvents services and experiences that meet new wants and needs

Recently, the shared mobility sector has developed in leaps and bounds, rapidly adapting in meeting consumers’ needs for more sustainable, flexible and cost-effective transportation.

comp car rent Therefore, they have rapidly transformed themselves into service providers leading the shift towards a more modern and efficient mobility ecosystem from an economic and energy point of view.

How is the automotive world changing?

The concept of ownership associated with transportation is gradually becoming obsolete, especially in large cities. While on the one hand digital natives are already moving towards new business models, on the other hand, the technological revolution now offers the opportunity to take advantage of alternative transportation solutions.

First of all, long-term car leasing, which reflects the latest needs of customers, and relieves them of worries that arise from tasks related to maintenance and repair costs or depreciation of the car in the case of a owned car. .

And it is precisely in the direction of greater attention and attentive listening of the end consumer that is moving Rent4You, a historical operator in the sector and a reference partner for various stakeholder groups such as individuals, entrepreneurs and fleet managers. Its users can access a full range of brands and vehicles based on their needs and preferences with the guarantee of safety and maintenance included in the price of the service and without the risk of unpleasant surprises.

The company focuses on long-term car rental systems that are extensive, fast and respond in different ways to consumers’ desires. Moreover, the Italian market seems to be firmly oriented towards the future of mobility, as evidenced by the recent analysis by the UN (abbreviation of the National Federation of Foreign Automotive Representatives). During the first six months of the year, lease contracts are concluded Long range cars In our country it actually grew by more than 11 percentage points, with a peak of +15% in the private sector.

RENTA BY RENT4YOU: Innovative customer experience for the online world

Moving in such a lively and dynamic scenario, Rent4You has chosen to exploit new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the birth of the Metaverse with the aim of improving user experience and simplifying car rental with personalized and hassle-free service. The improvement plan includes creating LeasingAn automation tool that transforms the interaction between a company and customers without giving up the essential human touch.

Renta by Rent4You is the first empathic virtual assistant in the long-term rental sector capable of reproducing human features, tone of voice and movements, and establishing rapport with customers based on active listening and communication. It is a multimedia avatar designed through technology Canceled from Quest It For the Metaverse, the 3D virtual world focuses on social connection, where users can interact as in real life.

Anyone wishing to experience the overall quality of assistance that exploits virtual reality can be found on the operator’s website, by contacting virtual assistant To request all the necessary information and find the vehicle that best suits your needs.

Digital reinvents the user experience

The challenge is to bring a fileA more human experience than traditional chatbots. In fact, Renta is available 24 hours a day, is able to speak very naturally, respond quickly and anticipate questions from people who turn to the help service to find their way among the hundreds of offers available on the Rent4You website.

All this was possible thanks to the foresight of the car rental service provider, at the forefront of adapting to the changing mobility landscape through increasingly intelligent and connected proposals. Customers who rent a car want an experience My number first That combines the flexibility of virtual interaction, the ease of purchasing products online, and the personal advice of an assistant.

The way forward is one that leads to direct interaction, flexibility, convenience and solutions that merge the real and the virtual. After all, as e-commerce continues to proliferate and brand experience expectations shift, now is the time to reimagine the auto supply experience.

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