Raspberry Pi, the priority of companies over individuals: the crisis of the chips is being felt

Continuous growth of Raspberry pie Manifested during the pandemic, it has contributed to the sale of more than 45 million units in 10 years: an extraordinary result that risks being destroyed in part by the chip crisis that tech companies (and not only) continue to suffer badly despite the situation improving slightly from a few months ago.

After all, supply difficulties already in 2021 caused Raspberry to deliver the same number of boards to the market as the previous year, or 7 million units. chief executive officer Abyan Upton may then talk about a temporary phenomenonhowever, provide that 2022 will also be difficult, despite everything. And so it was in fact: in April he said that The production capacity was about 500,000 development boards per monthIt seems that the situation today has not changed at all.

As it actually happened, Priority is given to shipments destined for commercial and industrial customers who need a Raspberry Pi for their work. translated, Companies first, then individuals. Supplies are still very limited, and the Upton-led company has had to make choices in securing deliveries for OEM customers.

And the situation does not seem to improve in the short term: CEO clarifies that AEven in the coming months the situation could remain unchangedHopefully, 2023 will mark the turning point. Among the latest products presented by the company, we mention the Pi Pico W, H and WH, which are available in the US market for 6.5 and 7 dollars, respectively. WH, the most complete, integrates 802.11n WiFi, pre-installed pins, and a 3-pin debugging connector.

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