Quest 3, Meta confirms the work in progress and is already in mind when it arrives

The Quest 3 by Meta it will work. This is the news that emerges from the earnings report of the holding company that owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and the company, a few days after the presentation of Quest Pro and two years after the last viewer of all, Quest 2 that arrived in September 2020 when the group was still called Facebook and not yet Meta.

So Meta continues to invest in viewers, Despite Reality Labs’ last quarter numbers, the augmented and virtual reality section, it wasn’t anything positive: $3.67 billion in liabilitieswhich grows to nearly 10 (billions) if the nine months of 2022 are grouped together (the third quarter ends at the end of September).

Talking about 2023 predictionswhich is not a positive for cost growth, allows Meta to give away that it’s going to be the next Quest consumer year, so Mission 3: “Costs are expected to rise due to infrastructure spending and, to a lesser extent, Reality Labs hardware spending due to the launch of the next generation of Quest consumer headphones. by the end of next year”.

A sentence that leaves no room for interpretation, which follows earlier statements by CEO Mark Zuckerberg who had already said he was working on a successor to Quest 2 at roughly the same price. very likely At this point, Meta exploits a fileConnect event fall 2023 To announce the upcoming consumer headset to the world, as it did this year with the Quest Pro.

In the opening image, Quest 2.

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