PS5 users, are you sure you have installed the public patch for Destiny 2?

There are many PlayStation 5 owners still playing the PS4 version of Destiny 2, although the upgrade has been free and available for download for about two years: it was reported by Bungie itself, the software house that developed the game and invented the franchise. a matter of laziness? Not really – or rather not lonliness: The console itself and its way of managing updates of this type are also included.

If on the main competition console, Xbox Series X and S from Microsoft, the file Smart Connect technology The company automatically selects and downloads/installs the most appropriate version of the game based on available hardware, and PS5 users must manually select the correct version to create their console. It may happen, then, that for a trivial oversight or temporary omission, the user misses the download and thus finds himself with the old version, with limited graphics and functionality. For less passionate people, the difference in terms of graphics can be visible only after a direct comparison, as confirmed by the testimonials of some users on the Internet (like this editor).

In the past few months Sony has implemented Some changes via firmware update that reduce the risk of error – When I start installing a PS4 game on PS5, a confirmation popup appears, but in Destiny 2 this doesn’t happen for some reason. After all, the title came out more than 5 years ago now, at the time it was a PS4 game, and so far the physical disc circulating versions don’t specify that a next-gen upgrade is available.

In short, if you are the owner of the latest generation of game center And you’re excited about Bungie shooter, make sure you get the update: At stake is 60fps in 4K or 120fps in QHD 1440pAnd they are definitely not bras. If in doubt, go to the game’s product page and check if the upgrade files are available for download! For the big picture, we can only hope that Sony implements a safer system to prevent these situations from happening.

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