PS5, here’s the first video jailbreak. What is Sony doing?

A year after the first signs of a jailbreak appeared on the PS5, it appears that hackers have managed to break into the Sony console. At the moment there are some indifferent limitations the most important of which are probably system stability and the presence of firmware 4.03 in October 2021 on the PS5 which was replaced by Sony two months later with 4.50, but for hackers this is still the first “conquest” after months of work . Designer Lance MacDonald demonstrated the video on Twitter with the jailbreak in action, available on GitHub where we read that “the exploit has many limitations and for that reason it is mainly aimed at developers” because the stability is rather low, especially when compared to exploits for PS4.” But there is promise. “Continually developing and improving over time.” At the moment the exploit seems to give read and write access, not to run unofficial software. In other words, you can install something by bypassing Sony but you can’t get it to work yet, that’s why it’s just a first step, And a starting point, where hackers can work on building something more efficient.But for Sony, this is a pill, because although jailbreaking requires an “outdated” firmware that few users use, it represents the first real attack on PS5 Security So it must be understood if they will take action in Tokyo to stop the hackers in some way.

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