Protect your Smartphone Screen with an Insurance Plan

Smartphone Screen

Mobile phones in the 21st century are more than just a device but rather a necessity. Our day-to-day lives depend a lot on mobile phones.

Mobile technology has evolved over the years, and now we have smartphones. In India, the first smartphone was launched by the Taiwanese company HTC on 23rd June 2009.

The country, at present, is home to the 2nd largest smartphone market in the world.The total count of smartphone users in India is estimated to reach 859 million by 2022.

It is likely to grow at the rate of 12.9% annually, according to the Association Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM).

People are also becoming tech-savvy and alert about using their smartphones with each passing day. The most delicate part of a mobile phone is the display screen.

It can break easily, and the touchscreen might stop working after some days. If you are using an expensive phone, mobile screen replacement could be quite a costly affair.

As such, you can opt for an insurance plan which covers the sum needed to have the mobile screen replaced.

Benefits of Protecting your Smartphone Screen with an Insurance Policy

The replacement procedure, as well as the expense, depend on the type of touchscreen the device has. Some of the popular types of smartphone screen include OLED, AMOLED, Super AMOLED, TFT, NOVA, and Retina Display, etc.

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A mobile screen insurance plan offered by reputed insurance aggregators like Bajaj Finserv provides replacement coverage for any of these screens.

A Mobile Screen Insurance Plan offered by Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions can offer comprehensive coverage with multiple features and benefits –

Affordable Premium and High Coverage Sum

You can benefit from a coverage amount of up to Rs. 10,000 to replace a broken or damaged mobile screen against a  premium of Rs. 499 per annul.

Accidental Damage Cover

A mobile insurance policy covers expenses required to repair or replace a broken screen caused by accidental damage.

The phone should, however, be in the custody of the insurance-holder to avail this benefit.

Breakdown Cover

Your mobile screen could face damage out of an unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown in the system.

The only condition is that it has to be the insurance-holder who was using the phone when the breakdown happened.

Coverage Against Fire, Explosion and Lighting

Any damage occurring out of fire, lightning, explosion or implosion is covered under a mobile phone insurance or a Mobile Charger Insurance plan also provided under Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions.

The insurance plan also includes coverage against damage to smartphones occurring out of strikes, riots, or any natural calamity like earthquake, flood, cyclone, etc.

Coverage Against Burglary

You are required to mention certain premises on the Certificate of Insurance. Any damage of phone screen caused due to a burglary or robbery at the insured premises is covered under a gadget insurance or smartphone screen insurance plan.

To cover the theft of any other valuables, you can avail Pocket Insurance and Subscriptions such as a Wireless Headphone Insurance, watch cover, and so on.

Multiple Options to Pay the Premium

Insurance providing companies provide the customers with multiple payment options to pay the premium amount.

You can pay the premium charges conveniently from home by availing the online payment alternatives like net banking, UPI, mobile wallets, credit or debit cards, etc.

The application procedure of a mobile screen insurance plan is also easy and convenient.

You can apply online with minimum documentation requirements. To claim the coverage sum, you need to provide documents such as –

The claims form as filed.

Invoice or bill of purchase relative to that mobile phone.

FIR copy registered in case of screen damage occurring out of burglary or theft.

You must apply for the insurance plan within 30 days of the mobile phone purchase to avail the benefits.

It is necessary to take every possible precaution to protect your mobile phone screen.

In case of any damage or loss to the display screen, an insurance plan for mobile screen replacement can help you avoid substantial costs as well as the hassle.

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