Portability and SIM change, closed funnel: the new rules and the first to transfer

From November 7 he will change Rules for changing the SIM card and portability of numbers. This was created by AGCOM pursuant to Resolution 86/21/CIR of July 2021, interfering with earlier rules that have only been shown to be partially effective. Among the phenomena that the authority intends to combat by providing SIM swapor a scam in which the user changed its owner without his knowledge, which, unfortunately, is overflowing with news.

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February 10

I own.  Mobile updates FAQ to address customer concerns about sensitive data theft

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25 January

There are two main innovations. The SIM change can be implemented Only by owner From users, input Kind of two-factor verification: On the one hand, there is the verification of the identity of the applicant through the document, and on the other hand the actual will of those using the SIM card to proceed with the process by sending an SMS or a call to the respective number.

New rules for SIM change and portability

  • SIM change For theft or loss, requests to switch to eSIM and Number Portability (MNP) can be submitted. lonliness by owner
  • In case Theft / Loss / Malfunctions From the SIM card, the new SIM can be requested lonliness to your operator; So MNP is possible lonliness If you own one SIM card a job
  • Agents SIM changes are only allowed for business users
  • Managers wanted identification For the subject requesting to change the SIM card, both in the case of a default order (internet) and physical order (store)
  • commitment Obsession by supplier copy from:
    • Identification card
    • tax law
    • Old SIM card
      • Relative report in case it is lost
  • If a SIM is replaced, even for an MNP, the supplier always makes one Validation via SMS or Call (which must be registered) to ensure that those who use the user will (and to verify that the SIM is actually active and working)
    • If the SIM card is lost/stolen: the process continues if the owner files a complaint
    • If the SIM card is faulty: continue if you get the old one
  • The SMS of the previous point also serves as an additional validation of the legality of the operation: operators are required stop the process when The customer responds negatively to the received message or requests to stop the operation by sending an SMS to a pre-set number that is the same for all mobile service providers with the code “40”, or by calling customer service, or by accessing a reserved area on a website”.

Who has already reported the news

These days Italian operators I started delivering the news Reach out to clients. The first is:

  • WindTre
  • very mobile
  • 1 mobile

It must be said, however, that beyond communication To clients, such and potential, by managers and is a sign of transparency The AGCOM Resolution establishes an obligation, So in reality the operators wouldn’t be able to choose to adapt or not: they would have to.

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