Polestar joins UNUNAE: his first start in Italy is getting closer

Entering the Italian market with Pole Star You are approaching. The car manufacturer had previously highlighted its intention to land in Italy by the end of 2022. The confirmation that the debut is now soon comes indirectly from United nations. In fact, it has announced that Polestar, along with two other companies in the automotive sector, has become part of its membership.

Therefore, this is a clear indication that Polestar is about to announce its arrival in our market. In detail the new members of the association are:

  • Polestar Automotive Italy Srlthe Swedish car manufacturer of the Volvo Group specializing in the production of high-performance electric vehicles;
  • Kögel Italia SrlOne of the leading European manufacturers of towed vehicles.
  • Morey Srl الحافلات Bus Systeman importer to Italy of buses produced by the Turkish company Otokar.

So it is assumed that more details about the arrival of the Polestar in the Italian car market will soon emerge. All that remains is to wait for the news that may actually arrive with the imminent appearance of the Polestar 3 electric SUV. Alexander LutzCEO of Polestar Automotive Italy Srl, commented on joining UNUNAE as follows:

Italy, with its passion for cars, is one of the most important European markets and must face the huge challenge of transitioning to sustainable electric mobility. Polestar for its part is a brand that has chosen electricity without compromise. I am sure that by joining the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization website, we will be able to work hand in hand with other members of the Association to make our contribution to the development and affirmation of e-mobility in the country.

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