Pluto TV, New Channels, and Unreleased Content Coming November 2022

November is the month of the year when rain and bad weather make it legal to stay home and enjoy good movies and TV series. And again this month, Pluto TV programming – Paramount’s free digital service FAST (Free, Ad-supported TV Broadcasting) is ready to surprise audiences with loads of exciting new content.

But before we move on, have you seen the news coming on the major streaming services? If the answer is no, here are the dedicated articles we have prepared in recent weeks for the most popular paid services.

On Pluto TV comes a special popup channel entirely dedicated to Eleven Inazumathe famous football-themed anime, which celebrates the 22nd edition of the most important football competition in the UAE FIFA: World Cup 2022Which will be held in Qatar from November 20 to December 18.

channel will be On air from November 20 For the duration of the competition, let’s get more into the spirit of this world championship. Then there are other important news, such as the new Food Mania channel, Christmas contents, romantic news and many new movies. Here’s what’s coming to Pluto TV!

From November 4 on Pluto TV, the new channel dedicated to binge-eating parties runs: Pluto TV Food Mania. A roundup of food-themed MTV shows that would be impossible to resist: from contests for the most delicious snacks to extreme fast-food-based experiments, they’re all presented with the participation of famous guests. Starting November 11, a very special channel dedicated to one of the most popular series of the 90s will be launched: Super! RUGRATS to relive the crazy adventures of Tommy, Chuckie and the twins and be kids again, waiting for Christmas.

To start entering the much-anticipated Christmas vibe from November 18, Pluto TV Christmas arrives! Christmas at Pluto TV is here to make your days merry and bright, with movies for the whole family and specials that will get you in the Christmas spirit. And again, starting November 25, on Pluto TV, the warm atmosphere of the holidays is guaranteed by three themed channels: Christmas Lights, the perfect channel to give the home the typical atmosphere of Christmas lights, and Pluto TV Fireplace that will help create a fireplace atmosphere, perfect for getting ready For the holidays with crackling fire accompanied by sweet music and VH1 + Christmas, listen to a selection of the most exciting and evocative Christmas soundtracks.

In the month before the Christmas holidays on Pluto TV Romantics, Santa comes on… Pluto TV! A series of films entirely dedicated to the lovers who bloom under the mistletoe plant. Starting on November 1 every Tuesday at 9.00 p.m. we start Christmas with the ex: a blizzard forces the man to spend Christmas with his ex. The following week, Tuesday, November 8, Dear Santa… Starring Ethan and Halle, their divorced parents want to get back together. Does Santa Claus grant their wish? On November 15th, once again in prime time, the cycle of Christmas movies continues with Girlfriends of Christmas Past. After her boyfriend leaves her, Levi decides to take revenge with the help of a group of ex-girlfriends, who have also been betrayed, so will she succeed? Finally, the last date of the month, Tuesday 29 November is with Tutto per una Canzone. Adelaide is a music star who flees to a village in Pennsylvania after a fight with her agent. Here she finds herself and loves again.

For fans of mysteries, riddles and hidden truths, starting November 5th on Pluto TV Film, The Truth Quest – Finding the Truth will be aired every Saturday from 9:30pm. First date with Freelancers, the story of Jonas Maldonado, who decides to enlist in the New York Police Force to find out who killed his policeman father. The following week, November 12, Peter Markle’s Silent Witness film based on Richard North Patterson’s novel. Continues November 19 with “Separate Lives,” a psychological thriller starring Jim Belushi and Elisabeth Moss. Finally, on November 26, in the space at “Hollywood Confidential”, which tells about the mysterious death of producer Thomas Ince, which occurred on board the yacht of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst.

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