Pixel Watch, count out of range on calories burned: how to solve

Adventure pixel clock It didn’t start out in the simplest way, and if some of the measurement errors are also understandable, given that Google was in the first foray into the smartwatch sector, it’s true that from a giant like Mountain View, one could legitimately expect something simple in more. We’ve heard a lot of them so far, from screen-printed images to autonomy of less than 24 hours, but we also have to say that Google has always responded promptly, which isn’t obvious.

He also responded to the doubts raised in the past few hours by his colleagues androidpolice.comThey all noticed one Measure Slightly inaccurate handling of calories burnedat least compared to those offered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Approximately 50% of the calories are consumed more That the Google watch referred to in relation to Samsung’s “cousin” can only be a clear symptom of a problem, in short, it was clear that something was wrong, especially if you think it was involved in the project FitbitOne of the biggest names in the market.

Permission from Mountain View They answered: Yes, there is a problem, but it can be solved Simply until an update arrives that fixes it. Before we proceed, beginners must be told that smart watches do not Measures Calories burned are processed by the algorithms by crossing different parameters coming from the sensors (step number, heart rate, etc.) with the biological information entered by the user, such as height, weight, gender and age. a The difference between two different algorithmsin this case between those of Fitbit and those of Samsung, Google explained, It’s physiologicalBecause everyone “weighs” the factors differently, the calorie estimate often doesn’t match.

However, the difference of nearly 50% of symptomsand according to Google, it comes from a Small bug that will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, a Reboot (If the app, smartphone or smartwatch is not selected, if in doubt, restart everything) It should solve or mitigate the problem. It’s not clear exactly what’s misleading the algorithms, but he seems to understand that if the program is given incorrect biological information, the calorie index gives wrong values ​​even if height, weight, and company are later adjusted. Rebooting now either eliminates or mitigates the problem, since the update arrives, it will no longer be necessary.

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