Pixel 7 Pro outperforms everyone: for DxOMark it is the king of cameras

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are the two smartphones at the moment, and Google officially showed them only a few days ago and on the web comments and reviews of one and the other went crazy – below we report our links, if you missed them. Can’t miss a view DxOMarkwhich focused its attention on the top-of-the-range 7 Pro model to judge the cameras – including the front camera for selfies – and the display.

October 12

Google Pixel 7 Pro review: Small finishes, great material

October 12

rear cameras

The score given by DxOMark for the rear imaging sector is 147. Thus, the Pixel 7 Pro turns out to be the best smartphone ever for taking pictures, first order On par with the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate and ahead of the iPhone 14 Pro by one point. Compared to the Pixel 6 Pro, it was a huge step forward (last year’s model stopped at 134 points, and is now 11th), especially for theSoftware improvement which contributed to Significantly improved zoom and video.

One of the innovations of DxOMark is to judge the quality of photos at events known as “friends and family”, which are perhaps the most common in everyday use of our smartphone camera. So we go to analyze the quality of the shot towards friends and family, maybe indoors in lighting conditions that are not always ideal. Well, the Pixel 7 Pro gets the highest rating in this category too thanks to the excellent results in variancein Skin color reproductionIn the’open and in motion blur. The same positive judgment is given for videos.

Overall, the Pixel 7 Pro takes photos with good color rendering, faithfully reproduces skin tones and has effective white balance and contrast in all lighting conditions. Also very good zoom and AutofocusFast and accurate, plus a well-balanced depth of field. In videos, the ability to follow the subject while keeping it in focus properly is appreciated, and shooting at night decreases with underexposure and very pronounced noise.

DxOMark compares Google’s smartphone (first) with the iPhone 14 Pro (second): In short, the Pixel 7 Pro is better at family photos and at using zoom. A different word instead on the video side: Although significant improvements have been made, Google smartphone is still far from the capabilities of the iPhone 14 Pro.

selfie cam

iPhone 14 Pro ranks first with 146 Point, Huawei P50 Pro II with 143In third place is the Pixel 7 Pro with 142. This is a leap forward compared to the 6 Pro, I stopped at 134 Point and now fifth in the standings. The improvement is due to the optimization of the software, and the results are very good in photos and videos thanks to the faithful reproduction of color and skin tone, as well as exposure. Some criticism is made about improper focus of close-ups of faces and reduced detail in low-light conditions.


Pixel 7 Pro screen – for DxOMark – second bestJust behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Excellent brightness, color accuracy and contrast, as well as HDR10 video experience and readability indoors in low-light conditions and outdoors thanks to the possibility of increasing the brightness level (but its duration is very limited, this can be read as a drawback). Some criticisms are made of Low screen fluiditywhich may sometimes affect the quality of your gaming sessions.

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