Pixel 7 in the official video. New details about face recognition and eSIM

Now complete, for the Pixel’s arrival on October 6th and we know just about everything, including (possible) pricing. After publishing a short video dedicated to the Pro variant, Google has released a second clip dedicated in this case to the “basic” model that once again allows us to appreciate the design of the smartphone more deeply. Nothing new, of course, but the images give a good idea of ​​how the California company designed the device starting with the Pixel 6 and perfecting the details. The Pixel 7 is offered in Lemongrass, Obsidian, and Snow colors, and the glass back structure is emphasized by the horizontal brushed aluminum unit housing the two cameras and the front with the screen cut out by a hole for the selfie camera. Other useful information provided to us by Mishaal Rahman, who shared on Twitter the Google Play Console screen in which the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro models appeared. “There is nothing interesting here,” Rahman himself admits. However, note how panther (Pixel 7) and cheetah (7 Pro) are referred to with the first generation Google Tensor in the documentation. Surely it is possible that the company did not want to reveal the precious details here, hiding the true specifications of the new generation of Tensor. And always from the same source we learn that the new pixel will be equipped with a biometric facial recognition system. Unfortunately, it is not yet known what level of security the certified solution will guarantee, but it remains true that from the time of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL Google did not offer a similar tool. Thus, doubts about its work remain:
[l’autenticazione facciale] It can be used with fingerprint unlock instead of the only way to unlock the device. Finally, the two new smartphones will support eSIM and MEP (Multiple Profile Enabled), a function found in Android 13 that allows you to simultaneously connect two eSIMs from different carriers. Only the Pixel 7 Pro, then, will support UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology.

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