Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Watch and Nest, it’s just a short walk: that’s all we know

Here we go, it’s Made by Google Week, the most important consumer event of the year for the California giant. Not only has Google done nothing to hide what will be released in a couple of days, but has for some time now decided to actively participate in the pre-launch rumours. And in an attempt to replace the dozens of rumors that in the past years robbed the “taste” of ascension on the stage, it quickly appeared again this year. The goal has been achieved in part, because of the products that will be official – Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, Nest (already official, because the “cheap” Chromecast with Google TV has been for a few days) – we already know almost everything thanks to Google and rumors. High Definition 22 Set Pixel 7 Pro is the product designed to capture the attention of observers and enthusiasts during the event on October 6. It could not be otherwise because if 2021 is the year of the debut of the first in-house designed chip, after a year of “running” with the Tensor G2, Google now has no more extenuating circumstances: it must put a convincing chip in the hands of its customers Since the beginning. The first day, which does not need continuous “coupons” with firmware updates to get into full shape. In short: it is the year of truth, and also because Google will debut in the smartwatch sector with the Pixel Watch. Now you’ll understand: Made by Google on Thursday 6 is an important crossroads of 2022 and a good part of 2023 for Google. We’re taking stock of what we know about the Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel Watch, and Nest Wi-Fi Pro a few days after CEO Sundar Pichai’s introductory words and directors’ explanations with the Big G on the box. From Nest and new items on the Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch. THE NEW PIXEL 7 In recent days, Amazon’s Watch has shown us a preview of what the Italian price list for the Pixel 7 should be, and surprisingly – understandably – made you argue: buying a Pixel 7 should require the same money as its predecessor. At a time like now when inflation is accelerating, it would be a strong signal if Google, it seems, were to sell new pixels at last year’s prices, but it wouldn’t be an option without consequences. There seems to be no reduction in sight, keep in mind, but even the remarkable news except for the chip that will have to move and manage everything, the second generation of the black and white Tensor has been placed in Mountain View and produced in Samsung foundries that Google has been using for some time A collaboration has begun closely. Therefore, minor changes to the design are expected that not even Google hid a secret, which since I / O in May has distributed official images of the two, and minor upgrades to the technical specifications. The change is the horizontal bar, the rear, in which the cameras are placed: from the all-black design we will move to the contrasting color of the “windows” that house the sensors. On the other hand, the screen surface should remain the current one.: $599/649/€ for the Pixel 7, 899/899/€/€ for the Pixel 7 Pro, but due to the euro/dollar exchange rate which is now very unstable, it cannot be ruled out Last minute surprises. The European launch of which Italy is a part this year (officially) should take place on October 13, a week after the presentation. PIXEL 7 AND PRO SPECIFICATIONS Display: Pixel 7 Pro: 6.7″ LTPO QHD+, up to 120Hz refresh rate Pixel 7: 6.3″ FHD+, up to 90Hz refresh rate. Lowest in the US) Pixel 7: 8GB RAM 128 or 256GB Storage Certification: IP68 Security: Fingerprints and Face Unlock Cameras: Front: 10.8MP Rear: Pixel 7 Pro: 50MP Main 12MP Ultra Wide Angle 48 MP Telephoto lens with 5x optical zoom, 30x hybrid LDAF, macro focus, Real Tone, Movie Motion Blur Pixel 7: 50 MP main 12 MP ultra-wide angle LDAF, 8x digital zoom, Real Tone, Movie Motion Battery blur: 24-hour autonomy Watch, recharge cab Lata and wireless colors: Pixel 7 Pro: Obsidian (black), Hazel (gray), Snow (white) Pixel 7: Obsidian (black), Lemongrass (yellow-green), Snow (white) with Pixel 7 Pro three-month YouTube Premium and Google One subscription includes: 1-meter USB-C USB-C cable, USB-A USB-C adapter, SIM extraction pin, and absent quick guide. Deepen Android 03 Oct Android 02 Oct Android 30 Set Android 27 Set Android 26 Set Android 22 Set Android 21 Set Android 14 Set PIXEL WATCH Google Pixel Watch is a novelty in the scope of the web giant, so if not expected in the same way we are close to the flagship Pixel 7 Pro. To the curious, Google has been talking about it since the I/O event in May, and has also shown some pictures, so at least in the design front there is a bit of skepticism. And just yesterday, several “real” photos landed on the network. The Pixel Watch, which Google recently predicted with a short design video (you can find it below), will be a smartwatch with a very clean and very simple design, with a round case and thus as similar to a traditional watch as possible, and with glass protecting the slightly rounded screen, a solution effective. The side that features the traceable image of the new Pixel Watch is even more uncertain. However, not so much, because the rumors did not exist and, for example, reliable sources such as the FCC, one of the US bodies that certify products before launch, some interesting details: the access version, and therefore the cheapest, will have GPS (GPS), NFC and Wi-Fi only, but there will be at least one with a 4G data connection. The European strike price should be in line with the price of other competitors, but the small price difference between the variant is somewhat surprising. The device with LTE connection: according to Roland Quandt, usually quite reliable, the first should arrive in Europe at a price of 379 euros, the second at an additional 50 euros, and therefore at a price of 419 euros. In the past few days, an interesting indiscretion has emerged: Google in some countries may give the Pixel Watch to those who pre-order the Pixel 7 Pro. An important economic effort even before marketing to make the Pixel Watch recognizable? We will see the distinguishing elements of the Pixel watch 40mm chip case: Exynos 9110 with co-processor to manage some functions with less impact on memory Battery: 1.5 GB of RAM and 32 GB of water resistance Storage: 5 atmospheres, any screen up to 50 meters Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass monitoring: Sleep, heart rate, possibly also SpO2, ECG GPS + NFC Emergency mode Wear OS 3 with Android Smart Unlock Battery Fast Pair: 300 mAh Rated autonomy for one day 6 months of Fitbit Premium incl It Colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Obsidian Supplied: Pixel watch with L and S straps, magnetic charging cable, no quick guide. More Information Android 04 Oct Android 02 Oct Android 03 Oct Google 29 Sep Google 28 Sep Google 27 Sep Google 26 Sep Android 07 Sep NEST WI-FI PRO AND NEST DOORBELL It was believed that the event would also be used to showcase the NEST WiFi Pro version. Google surprised us and not only announced it earlier than previously thought, but also joined forces with the Nest Doorbell with a second-generation cable. Nest Wi-Fi Pro is a Google Assistant-compatible, Wi-Fi 6E, tri-band mesh router, the most advanced available standard (Waiting for Wi-Fi 7) that can guarantee up to 4 times combined speeds under ideal conditions. , 2Gbps, is a huge step up from the current Nest range router that supports 2.2Gbps Wi-Fi 5. Added to this is a maximum coverage of about 120 square meters and support for Matter, a standard that promises to allow smart devices of various origins to communicate soon. The accessories 04 Oct Nest Wi-Fi Pro are available for pre-order immediately in Italy for €219.99, while the bundle of two routers (together covering an area of ​​up to 240 square metres) costs €329.99. The second generation wired doorbell arrives on the market with the same IPX4 certification for outdoor durability and the same design as the battery-powered model, but in a slightly smaller size. There is a 3MP camera and compared to the battery version that can record continuously, 365 days a year 24 hours a day with a maximum of 10 days of video record. In Italy 279 euros.

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