PayPal Users: If I provide wrong information, I’m sorry. But it was a mistake

$2,500 fine If the user provides misleading information on PayPal. This was stated in a company policy update that was introduced in recent days, but it was clear that it was Error Which the company tried to eliminate as quickly as possible. But not before unleashed heated discussion.

The updated policy states that PayPal customers cannot use the service for activities such as “Send or post any message, content or material“Work to promote misinformation. Nothing is true, it seems, update Posted by mistake And the “Contains incorrect information“.”We don’t fine people for misinformationThe company spokesman explained.

The intervention of the former president … and Elon Musk

Before PayPal admitted the error, it also intervened in the discussion David Marcuswho previously held the position of president of the company. “New AUP [acceptable use policy, ovvero l’insieme di regole che l’utente è tenuto a seguire per accedere alla piattaforma] It goes against everything I believe in. Now a private company decides to take the money from you if you say something they disagree with. mad“.

One of the responses to Marcus’ tweet was signed Elon Muskwho confined himself to writingI agreeThe intent of a private company like PayPal to fine a user on the basis of what they believe risks manipulating and distorting the market against principles of democracy. Debate has long raged over complaints made by some social networks – see Facebook and Twitter – they will embrace against US conservative ideas. It’s not a tax Financial, but according to her it would be a huge mistake.Facebook and Twitter have always rejected these accusations.

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