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a thermal imaging camera Can the password be hacked? according toUniversity of Glasgow Yes: just discover a file Traces of heat from fingertips left on keyboards and touch screens et voilaThe result is obtained in an instant. The system that was developed in Scotland is called ThermoSure, which is a demonstration of how “easy” it is to prepare for such attacks. after every thing, “To catch a thief you have to think like a thiefDr Khamis from the University of Glasgow’s School of Computing Sciences explains.

The traces left by your fingers on the screen of a smartphone or on the touch screen of an ATM contain invaluable information At least 60 seconds after typingand the image captured by a thermal camera on the roof where the code / password was written allow the attackers to Discover it almost instantly.

The brighter a region appears in the thermal image, the more recently it has been touched. By measuring the relative density of the hottest regions, it is possible to identify the specific letters, numbers or symbols that make up the password and to estimate the order in which they were used. From there, attackers can try different combinations to crack user passwords.

The University of Glasgow team that built ThermoSecure

And now, with the development of more accurate machine learning technology, it seems even easier to steal.

  • They have been taken 1500 thermal images From QWERTY keyboards that were typed a few seconds ago
  • An AI model was trained with these
  • By calculating the probability, ThermoSecure got the following results:
    • Within 20 seconds it was detected
      • 67% of 16-character passwords
      • 82% of 12-character passwords
      • 93% of 8 character passwords
      • 100% 6-character passwords
      • 62% of passwords obtained after 60 seconds
      • 76% of passwords obtained within 30 seconds
      • 86% of passwords obtained within 20 seconds

Another aspect of Writing speed: The longer you hold it, the more pressure your finger exerts on the screen or keyboard leaves a clear and lasting impression – or “heat signature” -. The results also change depending on the file The material the keyboard is made of, for example. ABS plastic keys hold signature heat longer than PBT plastic keys.

Now that machine learning techniques are so prevalent and thermal cameras are sold at low prices (they have also been integrated into some smartphones), the risk of theft via thermal cameras has increased exponentially.

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