Overdose: Hideo Kojima’s new game appears in first stolen video

back to talk about it overdosethe title of what should be the next branded game Hideo KojimaCurrently, it is still in development and has not been announced publicly.

Overdose has been discussed for several months now, but the news that has surfaced in the past few hours is very exciting as it is the first purported part of the gameplay to show us the title in action. Obviously, being a stolen item, the quality is very poor, but we can immediately note that many of the items are consistent with the rumors that surfaced last June, in particular regarding the presence of Female figure with blue dressAnd the Like actress Margaret Qualley.

Qualley previously partnered with Kojima Productions During the development of Death Stranding, since the character my mom It totally depends on it. So it’s no surprise that the actress is back with the company as well to mark the new title.

The movie also confirms the horror game atmosphere that was already expected in the past, given that the character played by Qualley It appears to be moving within a dark environment, and may be being hunted by a mysterious creature. At the moment there are not many other details that can be extracted from the video, except for the fact that in the lower left you can see a girl who appears to be playing the title in question from a smartphone.

This doesn’t surprise us too much, as Overdose may be the famous cloud-based project that Hideo Kojima confirmed to be working on, so it’s possible that there will be testing of the game even from a mobile device like one a smartphone. At this point, we just have to wait for more details.

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