OneUI 5.0 news tested on Galaxy S22 Ultra: here are the best | video

Samsung as we know is very active when it comes to updates and has already started the beta program for OneUI 5.0 based on Android 13: We started from S22 and S21 in different parts of the world but not in Italy. Not bad actually because now is the time and the arrival of Beta 5 indicates that The final version will be released soonShort time left.

However, if you want to know in advance what you will find on your Samsung smartphones after the update, just watch the video we have prepared, with all the main news including new features, customization and security.

first sensations

Beta number 5, which we have installed, with Several important bugs have been fixed and performance is well boosted, so much so that the S22 Ultra seemed more responsive than usual. The placebo effect will be a bit of a novelty, a bit from the fact that it’s been fully restored and a bit from the fact that Samsung sped up the animation a bit.

Like Android 13 on Pixels, Android 13 on Samsung too It is not an update that distorts the user experienceHowever, the extensions are not available and Samsung has been able to further improve the One UI wherever it is needed. Without wanting to repeat all the information already reported in previous articles, we would like to point out those that seemed to us the most useful and well done.

Aesthetically convince New graphical setting for notificationsIt’s not really very practical, since there are fewer notifications on the same page, but at a quick glance it’s more straightforward and relevant. The lock screen clock widgets are great but the selection screen is cloned by iOS 16, as well as the choice of wallpapers; Oh, okay.

Very good shortcuts to activate multitasking: It’s very intuitive and well made in terms of animation and haptic feedback, and it’s very convenient for feedback functions while on call, with the S22 Ultra and the S-Pen they are really perfect. We also find a file Grouping the Connected Devices and Security and Privacy sections This makes accessing the settings even simpler. Finally, text recognition in images and videos is particularly effective, complete with keyboard import.

All the rest are good stuff for sure, nothing revolutionary but always in the right direction and timing that has distinguished Samsung for some time now.

When will you arrive and to whom?

There are a lot of Samsung smartphones that will receive the Android 13 update with OneUI 5.0. After the new software was introduced, the first list of eligible models was released, and some can still be added and someone deleted if problems arise with the exams.

Back to back The last generation of Galaxy S to arrive is the S20besides the S10 Lite, nothing on the other hand for the S10, at least for now, the same goes for the Note 20. All folds and flips except the first fold, several Galaxy M and Galaxy A in the past two years and sixth-generation tablets Onwards, but here you will find the full list.


Samsung hasn’t released a schedule but has been really busy, to the point that beta versions are already available for many models, not just the high end ones.

For the S22 and Fold 4, we’re talking about the next few weeksnovember or early december, Between 2022 and 2023, the role of the summit will be in the last yearto mid-term 2022 and so on, going back further in chronological order and as a field to which they belong. The bulk of products will already be updated in the spring of 2023The list will expire in the summer of next year.

However, if you have a base model, you can rest assured, just having a major update waiting doesn’t mean you won’t receive updates or security improvements in the meantime.


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(Updated Oct 20, 2022 at 7.10pm)

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