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There was not only talk of new video games during the Meta Connect 2022 event: in fact, its highlight was the Meta Quest Pro. The company’s first viewer designed primarily for the world of work, to facilitate remote collaboration. It will cost 1799.99 euros; Pre-orders open immediately, deliveries will begin on October 25. In the transom box, you’ll find two Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, different stylus tips, a 45W USB-C charging dock, and removable eye cups to reduce light.

Featuring a particularly slim and elegant design, the Meta Quest Pro is loaded with the latest generation components. This includes a SoC developed in collaboration between Meta and Qualcomm, lo Snapdragon XR2 Plus, which promises 50% higher VR performance than Meta Quest 2 and better heat management. Completing the hardware platform is 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage. In total, there are ten high-precision sensors: five in, five out.

The composition of Fresnel lenses of the Meta Quest 2 type was replaced by a Pancake type solution, which made it possible to reduce the thickness of the optical module by 40%. Its LCD screens Quantum Dot لوحات boards And a dedicated local dimming technology that can control more than 500 zones independently, dramatically improving contrast (+75%). The pixel density per inch (+37%) and pixel per degree (+10%) also increases, while the definition of the central area improves by 25% and the definition of the peripheral area improves by 50%. Finally, the color space increases by 1.3 times – all of course always related to Meta Quest 2.

Increased resolution of external cameras: they capture up to four times more pixels than the Meta Quest 2, this time Transit mode allows you to view the outdoor environment in full colorWhereas in Quest 2 it only works in black and white. In addition, the transit mode is now stereoscopic, ensuring a better experience of the perception of the third dimension.

Despite all these innovations, the new headphone is the lightest and most well-balanced headset by Meta. At the same time, the device has a scope IPD Adjustment (interpupillary distance) Between 55 and 75 mm, while Quest 2 was limited to 58 ~ 72 mm. A new wheel allows you to adjust the distance of the lenses from the eye to improve face tracking and viewing experience. Finally, it is possible to connect partial side lenses magnetically.

Meta has also updated the consoles – it has been called Meta Quest Touch ProAnd the main novelty is a set of three integrated sensors that track its position in 3D space independently of the viewer, ensuring the user a 360-degree range of motion. Meta has also improved the TruTouch touch vibration system to be more realistic.

Among the new features of the program Meta highlights natural facial expressions, which will allow virtual avatars to have more realistic and believable expressions. The feature will be disabled by default, and the same goes for squinting tracking, to ensure user privacy. However, even when the features are active, the user’s face and eye images remain locally on the device, and are deleted after processing.

Meta has built an entire ecosystem of accessories for scenes, including:

  • Meta Quest Pro integrated charging base: it will be available from October 25 and will cost 99.99 euros. It’s a 2-in-1 dock that can charge two controllers or displays.
  • Meta Quest Pro Full Light Blocker: It will be available from November 22 and will cost €49.99.
  • Meta Quest Pro VR Headset: Available from October 25 and costing €49.99. These are basically wired earphones. Can also be worn with Light Blocking Inserts.
  • Meta Quest Pro Carry Case: Made by Incase, $119.95 and available October 25.

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