NVIDIA Titan RTX 40, 900W GPU Cooler Pictures

Images of what should have been a deleted NVIDIA RTX 40 900W heatsink have been leaked online, and we really can’t think of a better term than “outrageous” to describe it: It would have brought the overall thickness of the card to 4 slotsAnd it appears to have a completely different design than that found in the extremely powerful RTX 4090.

In particular, it is interesting to focus on the actual heatsink: it is clear that the fins had to be oriented parallel to the length of the card itself, rather than inclined as we have seen on other chips, but above all it can be seen how they are located. he is Connection panel on the side, instead of “below”; So it’s possible that the heatsink has been rotated completely 90 degrees, or the board is meant to cool something else – but what? Daughter board help – perhaps to deal with a massive amount of force pull?

Source: A well-known user of the Chinese forum Chevelsays he has Other photos But for some reason not wanting to publish it. The hope is that more information will emerge, just to satisfy our ardent curiosity; It would be nice if NVIDIA itself could tell us a bit more but this is unlikely to happen.

To sum up the history of this card: For months, even before the RTX 40 was officially adopted, it had been rumored that the “Ultra top” variant of the RTX 4090 was rumored to be able to suck up to 900 watts of peak power. Later, it was assumed that it will be a new generation of Titan RTX, after the generation that belongs to the RTX 20 family. But, apparently, NVIDIA had to cancel it due to stability problems – prototypes They simply used up a lot of energy And the supporting devices could not control its flow, causing short circuits, burning components, etc. means of comfort Such as.

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