NVIDIA RTX 4080, Tests and Availability Information Leaked

Over the past few hours, many rumors and news have surfaced regarding the new generation of NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, known as RTX 40 and built on the Ada Lovelace architecture. Meanwhile, the problems of burnt cables are expanding, then it seems that the availability of the RTX 4080, whose release is now imminent, will be even lower than the RTX 4090, and then even the first benchmarks of the RTX 4090 Ti appear, the update of the current flagship 4090. Let’s go with the system.

RTX 4090: Don’t Just Mix Adapters

As we know, there are several reports of overheating and consequent melting, even if only partially, of transformers for auxiliary power supply panels; One solution suggested so far has been to purchase the original 12-pin ATX 3.0 cable It is connected directly to the power supply (of course if this is modular): but there seems to be at least one indicator Integration also in this scenario. The images you see below come from Facebook.

The user owns a file MSI card and power supply combination GeForce RTX 4090 Gaming X Trio 24G and MEG AI1300P cards respectively. MSI has already contacted you for assistance, and it appears that NVIDIA is asking partners to forward all faulty cards to you for further investigation.

The damage is very similar to what was seen in the case of the Transformers – The connector has been partially burned and also caused damage to the card port, which is still officially working. For now, all we can do is wait for developments in the story – and of course for the lucky owners of a ticket of nearly 2,000 euros, the suggestion to be very careful is worth it.

RTX 4080: Limited Stock

The RTX 4080 should come out in a few days, but apparently There will be fewer units in circulation compared to 4090. According to rumors compiled by Moore’s Law Is Dead YouTube channel, the retailers who spoke said they expect to get 20-40% fewer cards compared to 4,090; And this despite the fact that the price is less affordable and therefore likely to interest more people. In addition, suppliers have been advised to expect lower supplies during the fourth quarter of 2022.

apparently, NVIDIA’s goal is to entice gamers to head to the RTX 30 units that are still available, whose prices have also fallen significantly due to the surplus in warehouses caused by exceptional demand in the period of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course this is an unconfirmed rumor, but it is a very plausible theory in light of official and unpublished statements over the past few months.

The first RTX 4080 and…4090 TI rectifiers?

The RTX 4090 was on the market only a few weeks ago (and, by the way, it is practically impossible to find it, despite the exorbitant prices), but it’s already time to think about it. Mid Career Update: RTX 4090 Ti, which will likely be the new flagship of the last phase of the Lovelace architecture lifecycle. And it looks like Blender’s latest benchmark has already been revealed. Or rather: let’s imagine that you are – what other card will be able to achieve much better results than the one in the RTX 4090?

The standard comes from Blender and as you can see, the card is selected General NVIDIA Graphics Device. The result is approximately 6.6% higher than that of the smooth RTX 4090. It’s hard to say for sure if it’s actually a 4090 Ti (maybe an incomplete prototype) or a custom version that’s undergoing severe overclocking that the system can’t identify correctly.

At the same time we said that Scenes in RTX 4080 . benchmarks. As you can see from the images below, the scores are double those of the RTX 3080, albeit in a very limited number of tests. In general, however, we can expect really significant increases over the previous generation, also because it must be taken into account that since it is a pre-launch model, there is still room for further improvements, even at the driver’s level.

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